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List their live legacy in five nights or less!


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26 April 1969 in San Francisco, California
31 August 1970 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
21 July 1973 in Providence, Rhode Island
28 April 1977 in Richfield, Ohio
30 June 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany

These, in my opinion, are their five greatest performances.  Around 50 songs are played across about 75 performances total.  Sadly, none of these nights were multi-tracked, but the quality shines through.

What five nights (or less) would you choose to represent Led Zeppelin live?

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Live Aid '85

Atlantic Reunion '88

Hammersmith Odeon '83

Knebworth '90

Rock 'n' roll hall of fame '95


Ha ha.



TBH Knebworth 90' was pretty hot as was the RRHOF 95'. Though, sad to say, none were Zeppelin as the great engine Bonham was gone.

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There was a lot of good will and energy at Knebworth 90, but Page's playing was iffy and the drummer had a shit, thin-sounding kit. I thought RRHOF was a bit of a non-event, to be honest. It didn't do anything for me. The best bit was Neil Young going mental with a lengthy solo in WTLB. I wondered at the time if he was actually taking the piss out the whole hard rock thing.

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