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Peter Grant Interview (Q&A) Toronto 1994

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I would like to publicly commend Sam for sharing this previously uncirculated recording now, the most opportune time. Truth be told, he mentioned it's existence to me in an email several years ago but I, knowing how exclusive it is, had my doubts he would ever be willing and able to share it with me, let alone Led Zeppelin's fans all around the world. It is such a remarkable contribution for him to make to this forum. Thank you so much, Sam.     

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Loved hearing about how Peter went all on guts for what was best for the band, how he believed in them, and the stories with Ahmet Ertegun, when you could talk with the top guy in those days, and when deals were solid based on a handshake. Kudos to him for being forthright about his addictions and how he kicked them. The last bit about how he thought the Who shouldn't have gone on without Moon as they weren't the Who without him and they just did it for the money says it all. That clip should be included in the 'should Zep have gone on' thread. 

I remember listening to Q107 when they said something to the effect of sad news from the Zep camp... and then they went to commercial. They. Went. To. Commercial. All the while my heart was in my throat. Assholes.

Then they announced that Peter Grant had passed away. Sad news indeed. It was nice to see Jonesy acknowledging him at the R&R HOF induction.

Haven't listened to Q107 since.

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Because not too long ago in an interview (of which a link was posted at this site) Keith stated that Zeppelin was a creation of Peter Grant. 

Oh come on now, that is plain rubbish, Zeppelin was NOT a creation of Peter Grant!!! Everyone knows who created Zeppelin...it was the god Poseidon. He reached his life giving hand out, shouted, "I want to rock, and thus I have created musical perfection!!! Oh, and here is a mud shark too."

I really hate it when people don't know the facts. Sheesh.

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