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Some acronyms for the Led Zeppelin 1977 American Tour.

ISPIWA: I See Page Is Wasted Again

PGLIS: Please God Let It Stop (To be used during the noise solo)

IGABDT: I'm Growing A Beard During This (Moby Dick)

WTB?: Where's The Bar?

:hysterical: good ones!

With sooo many abreviations in cyberspace it can get so confusing. Sometimes I just stare at the letters dumbfounded, thinking.....why don't I know this. :blink:

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Nice job , solar! :thanku:

Yes must agree;that was a lot of good /brilliant thinking on your behalf.Thank you for that very,very useful reference information.Maybe the Administrators could use that in a separate section in the forum for people to use for a reference guide.CHEERS.

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n00b (Not to be confused with "newb"): A inexperienced and/or ignorant or unskilled person. Especially used in computer games or message boards.

n00b isn't an acronym. It's a noun.

I found this accurate description of one on urban dictionary.com.

"An individual that plays a particular multiplayer game less than 15 hours a day, thus causing him/her to be less skilled at that game than the person calling him/her a n00b. N00bs are usually classified as having a job, an active social life, and possibly a lover. These things are reviled in the "gamer" community, which means that n00bs are hated with a passion in thier circles. The term is usually used in Counterstrike servers and Battle.net, where many mouthbreathing "elite gamers" and internet tough-guys can be found."

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I had a whole tape in the 80s labeled with Zep song abbreviations and the four symbols drawn on the side of the tape case at my place. A friend came over that wasn't familiar with much of Led Zeppelin. They put the tape down immediately and thought I was into something evil. :unsure:

I laughed and later explained it to them. Interesting afternoon that was. :)

When we talk nowadays, we still laugh about it. :lol:

R B)

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