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How do you organize your music/live collection?

Dirty Work

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How do you organize your files? I've tried organizing things into folders for year, and tour folders within those, but still has ended up messy. Some things are multiple dates, etc, and the "Other" folder keeps piling up with junk. Any advice will be appreciated! Backing it up (learned this the hard way) is my next step, but first would like to get things organized. B)

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I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my Zep collection, well my music collection in general. I have document which is a list of all my albums by year and date for each show so i know what I have from each year. I have multiple versions of many many shows and they are all listed.

So my folders are Zep, Jimmy, Robert various solo years, JPJ P&P and so on. So I know where they are. My total live shows are approaching 2000 now.

My albums and cds are in chronological order even more so the live stuff. They have to be or I could spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find shows.

I have all of them backed up on discs and external hard drives as flac or wav files, in the folders for each year.

Sad I know but hey I have got to be obsessive about something.

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Everyone has their own way, mine is pretty simple and basic with tons and tons of folders.  My root directory has the style of music - Classical, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz..etc

I keep all my Zeppelin stuff centralized under Classic Rock> Led Zeppelin.    I have a central file server like to stream to mobile devices or Xbox around the home and it's easier


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I have MOST discs on a external drive by band/artist, then organized by date, using descending date style, then by version.

Example: Led Zeppelin 1977-06-23 Brothers in Pinball

Most files have a "setlist" sub file in them.

Not the easiest way to find things but I don't want to spend the time to make files searchable by song title, I have like 2 terabytes of shows on that drive!

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Mine is mostly digital. I use a tag editor to edit titles in this format:
1975-03-19 - Pacific Coliseum - Vancouver - Snowblind 1 (EVSD) - date, venue, title  and company

I have all concerts in one folder as it's very easy to locate any particular date. Similarly I use a tag editor to edit metadata for each file in the format - date, title, venue

I find that once you get useful with a tag editor, you can add a lot of files and the easily update common fields such as band name, album artist and genre. Doing that actually makes editing really quick and easy, so I like to take the trouble to edit then as accurately as I can - OCD? Maybe. :P

Damn! the Rampaging Cajun cover image jumped into my post and I can't rid of the SOB! Please ignore it for other than aesthetic reasons.
Eye thank you!


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