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The chances of Page and Plant sharing a stage again


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Do you want the chance or the odds? The chance is always 50/50...but the odds against it only increase with each passing year.

Take all the emotion out of it and look at it logically. The odds of a nearly 73 year old rock guitarist who delivered one concert length performance in the past 15 years (and averaged less than one performance per year over that time) performing with a 68 year old rock vocalist who is averaging less than 25 performances per year? Whatever the actual odds are they add up to highly unlikely!  

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I think Jimmy appearing with Plant as a special guest at a one one-off charity gig could have been a possibility, but I think their relationship has soured with all the post-O2 shenanigans.

I don't see any future collaboration on new material, as Plant loves the "melange" he has with the space shifters, who are very adaptable and can play really any style of music.

Plant can be capricious though - I mean who would have predicted the O2 show - so never say never.

And I think he will always have deep affection and respect for Jimmy as a friend and acknowledges that he gave him his big break.

PS - Can't believe my topic got lumped into the newbies section. lol

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