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Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert


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I think Steve had shared this color copy before. I remember saving it. Thanks for adding it here. I love Jimmy especially in it.

I shared it with a Jimmy Page Group on Facebook quite some time ago.

Picture was taken at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo in November 1994.

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While watching one of Led Zeppelin documentaries

I heard one of the music jounalists say

"Jimmy Page and Robert Plant musically fell in love with each other (when they first met)"

I have never heard of something sweeter.

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AEN, this is a classic rehearsal shot from Minnieapolis circa January 17th, 1975 Met Centre, the opening tour of LZ'75

Page and Plant Chemistry-at-work Photo...but what happened on stage next, Jan. 18, 1975 Met Centre, I have not seen any photos and here in this photo luckly for me turned up, Robert's Cherry Top Kimono, and Jimmy's Western Shirt with Moons/Stars Attire makes first appearance...the pictures we have looked at for so many times...the beginning...

I hope to see more photos turned up ..for now...


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