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Los Angeles Photos - Zep and Others

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The images below are from someone who was a teenage in LA during the 1970s. He went to a lot of great shows and brought his camera. He got as close as possible to the stage, often making it to the front row, and snapped close up shots of the bands. Luckily for us, he saw Zep a number of times and published his photos for all of us to see. Here are some samples. If you want to see the rest, here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/frommyseat/. He also sells some of the images at https://stratfordrockphotos.com/gallery.php?band=Led_Zeppelin (FYI, I'm not affiliated with him, just thought some folks here would like his work.)





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Wow those photos are legit!! And being from that neck of the woods (born in Disneyheim, raised in Buena Park) I enjoyed reading the captions that went along with them. Hearing places like Knott's Berry Farm mentioned.. takes me back ☺️

Looking at some of those photos in the gallery (like some of the Elton John or the Rolling Stones photos) makes me glad Led Zeppelin didn't have outlandish costumes or silly stage props 🤣. And I mean no disrepect to Elton or the Stones. They all know how to rock.

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