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Led Zeppelin Spotify Playlist - How Do You Curate Yours?

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Anyone using Spotify to create Led Zep playlists? Would love to know your process for creating a playlist of so many great tracks. A playlist is kind of your own personal "Best of" compilation, but does it take away from the full album experience?

Spotify have their own 'This Is Led Zeppelin' which is extensive, but I like this one from I Like Your Old Stuff, which is 33 tracks of pure killer.

Check it out here - https://ilyos.link/ilikeledzeppelinplaylist (it features a lot from Led Zeppelin II which says a great deal about that album!)

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Ive recently been thinking about playlists. But a mix of official studio and live stuff and nice sounding boots. Stuff I could put together for the 1 1/2 hour drive to my parents house and back, much shorter ones for work, 2-3 hour ones for when I very rarely get 'me' time on the weekends to get nice and stoned and put on the headphones in my study in the dark and just get lost in the majesty, 30minute ones for when I take the car to work instead of the bike.

I'll get around to it one of these days.....

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For Led Zeppelin I personally would never make a compilation or greatest hits playlist for others or myself. Zeppelin, much like the Beatles, is about experiencing each album in its own entirety and greatness. That said, I must confess when the reissues came out i took the liberty to tweak the original albums more to my liking. I posted them here a few years ago under a different account. Anyway the point was to include rogue album-less tracks (Baby come on home, Hey hey what can i do) along with the good stuff from coda, which is essentially more album-less tracks, and some tracks from the reissues,  to fit on the 8 original LPs in places where you might expect them to be. So I'm not listening to Jimmy's albums anymore. The original albums are expanded and improved, made fresh and new again. I'm completely addicted to my custom-made Zeppelin 16 sides so much so that I love Zeppelin today more than ever before.


One band that its okay to make a compilation of, the Rolling Stones, i did just that recently...

<iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/embed/playlist/4LDGkStg4WLr4q9FW1FU3l" width="100%" height="380" frameBorder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>

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Never. I don't have any of Zeppelins 'best of' albums. The albums as they were released are the only way to listen to non-boot Zeppelin. Someone mentioned It's the same with Beatles albums. True but they had a lot of songs that weren't on their albums so I do have a playlist for their non-album tracks. Having said all that it occurs to me that I could do an outtakes playlist from the reissued Zeppelin albums; create a Zeppelin album that way.

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