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This isn't your typical conglomerate list.

I took the time to take the 4 nights of Landover 1977 (May 25, 26, 28, and 30), and Frankenstein'ed them into a TSRTS/HWTWW style bootleg. Most songs feature parts from multiple nights, to provide a literal "best of" (IMO).

What varies from somewhat lackluster to decent concerts, conglomerates into a super show of sorts.

Any thoughts/critiques? Please don't hold back. If you hate parts of it, let me know. Curious as to how I did!

(I also have an Earl's Court 1975 on my channel, but I eventually want to redo that)


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I was at the May 30 th 1977, Memorial Day show.  I just found my damn ticket stub AGAIN after a brief scare and I have placed it in my Led Zeppelin Book, the new one of course, at the page of my concert.  Only the beat up jilopy from Utica NY is shown for that day.  A great concert two days after they had to carry Page off the damn stage the story goes?  What a concert it was.  The start is  on the timeline.

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