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Rank Your Top 10 LZ Songs


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Very tough this, mmmmmmmmmm, i'll go :

1. In the light

2. Stairway to Heaven

3. your time is gonna come

4. when the levee breaks

5. No Quarter

6. In the evening

7. The rover

8. How many more times

9. Going to california

10. Down by the seaside

Of course my favourite is " ALL LED ZEPPELIN SONGS", but these are the ones i listen to the most

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Achilles Last Stand

The song remains the same

Rock and Roll

Stairway to Heaven

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Going to California


Since I've been loving you

No quarter

Changes with the time... Oh, I forget Dazed and Confused...

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Limiting myself to studio versions only; otherwise it would be impossible.

Also, these are in no particular order.

In My Time of Dying


Whole Lotta Love

Fool in the Rain

Black Dog

Rock & Roll

In the Evening

Trampled Underfoot


Ten Years Gone

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