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Can anybody tell me if this tour is a definite thing and where are they going to go

I don't blame you for being excited about the mere thought of a tour. But I've found that constantly thinking about it and wondering is emotionally exhausting. If there is any kind of get together again, it won't be until next fall at the earliest, and there will be no missing the announcement. Until then, just kick back and enjoy the tunes.

And welcome aboard Wendes! :wave:

BTW, when are they supposed to be going on the road this time?

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Here's my new song:

I'm going to camp out overnight, overnight, overnight. I'm going to camp out overnight, overnight to get zep tickets, YAAY!!

Unless it's at this here dude's house, here dudes house, here dude's house, because if it's at this here dudes house, then I'll just camp out for a week, YAAY!!

or maybe, maybe, maybe I'll camp out for a week anyway, YAAY!!

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