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Rock pioneer Bo Diddley dies at age 79


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That's one good way to look at it - the band up there just got a little better! Just hope Bo don't pop Elvis in the nose when he arrives...

Bo was always jealous of the success Elvis had. It's too bad. He should have been secure in his own accomplishments.

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Nice article penned by Dave Alvin of The Blasters, X and the Knitters who now tours with his backing band The Guilty Men:

The night Bo Diddley banned the Beat

How do you play with a legend without doing it the legendary way? By learning his lesson of keeping himself new.


Bo Diddley, 79; singer-songwriter's beat marked rock 'n' roll

By Dave Alvin, Special to The Times

"Whatever you do, do not play 'the Beat!' "

That was the first thing Bo Diddley said to us before we walked onto the stage of the Music Machine club in West L.A. for two sets in 1983. We were a mix of members of the Blasters and X who had agreed, with great enthusiasm, to back up one of our greatest heroes for free at a benefit show for the Southern California Blues Society.

To say that we were upset by his announcement/warning would be an understatement. How could you play Bo Diddley songs and not play the powerful, infectious and sensual Bo Diddley Beat?

To read the rest of the article click here.

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Billy Gibbons, Buddy Guy and George Thorogood Remember Bo Diddley

According to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, the influence that Bo Diddley’s records have had is immeasurable, but that’s not the most amazing part of his legacy. “But how heavy is it that a person has a beat named after him?” he asks. Indeed, the “Bo Diddley Beat” has left an indelible mark on the rock landscape, and according to Gibbons it will be immortal. “You can play Bo Diddley for three year olds who can’t speak and yet they start gyrating,” he says. I think we must be wired to respond to it and he just happened to tap into it and deliver it in such a masterful way. And it still works.”

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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Hahaha...I was just thinking of posting that Dave Alvin article and lo and behold, Jahfin beat me to it.

Anyway, it is always sad when a legend passes, but at least he lived a long life...longer than some others.

In my book, Bo Diddley was second only to Chuck Berry in the influence he had on establishing the "sound" of rock and roll.

Glad I got to see him when he was still relatively young...although I was out of town for that gig that Dave Alvin writes about unfortunately, as X and the Blasters were two of my favourite bands of that time.

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..RIP Bo Diddley...here is a link to Vancouver's Veteran Journalist Mike Quigley's Official Site. Mike Quigley interviewed The Late Bo Diddley from Seattle Pop Festival July 25-26, 1969...the archived interview here:


in addition, Mike Quigley has posted many other historic archived interviews...

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