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Favorite Song on Raising Sand

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Hello all!

Personally, I like "Nothin'" but I find that I enjoy their interpretations of Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, and When the Levee Breaks. Unfortunately those versions aren't on their album. Maybe I'm just a LedHead but I would've like to hear those songs on their album.

Just wanted to ask everyone, what is your favorite song on the Raising Sand album?

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Ohh picking a favorite song...I think each time I listen to the cd I get deeper into it and develop a new favorite haha

When I first got the cd Fortune Teller and Rich Woman were my favorites haha

but now I'm lost in Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us and Trampled Rose

and then Nothin'

drives me a little bit mad, hot and bothered :blush:

I think with this cd it does force the listener to slow down and just listen and get lost in the lyrics and emotions.

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