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Page & Plant, Glasgow late 90's


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The SECC isn't that bad a venue.

Was this a sold-out gig?


I've posted more pics from this gig on the Photo's page, a while a go, if there still there, then have a look, if not,

I will post more pics from the gig later.

The Gig was sold out, & I even managed to get a "Boot" of this gig on CD, I'm afraid to say, not on a DVD,

as much as I've looked for one, I've yet to see it.

All the best,

Hang-man :ph34r:

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The photo's that I posted were from Glasgow, 02/11/98. I didn't got to the 95 gig at the same Venue.

There's a couple of Phots on this page, & I posted more Pic's on the "Photo's Page" on this site.

I was almost on the Stage taking these, & it was SO GOOD, as a mere mortal like me, were in touching distance of these

GREAT MEN, should say, ROCK GODS...

Al the best

Hang-man. :ph34r:

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