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Robert Plant Tribute to Jimmy Page

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It's a really lovely tribute.

It's not really new though.

Percy praises Pagey: an exclusive video salute by Robert Plant filmed especially for the 2007 awards staged by Classic Rock magazine, where James Patrick Page won the Living Legend accolade. Visit www.classicrockmagazine.com for all the latest rock news and gossip!
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Those clips were very nice...and really does show that sometimes a peek over the shoulder means a lot and can bring it all back home.

I wonder if there is anyone else who could say such words about Jimmy Page's talents and be able to wrap the musical years up so nicely.

Both men are outstanding and it is nice to see them shine the light on each other...from time to time.

"While I'm alive and well today;

Don't wait until I'm gone away."

Living Bouquets

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