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National Pie Day


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Did anyone know that January 23 is National Pie Day?

If so,were you going to keep this as privileged information and not share it with the forum?

I had not heard of National Pie Day until today.But, I will go on record that I will do my part to celebrate this occasion to the utmost of my ability.Go ye and do likewise.

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I googled National Pie Day and here's America's favorites:

Fruit pies:

1. Apple.

2. Cherry.

3. Bumbleberry (a combo of blueberries, red raspberries, blackberries and apples).

Cream pies:

1. Lemon meringue.

2. Chocolate cream.

3. Coconut cream.

Pumpkin and pecan have seasonal surges

Instead of baking a pie on National Pie Day - I took out 2 dozen Double Chocolate Cupcakes, made from scratch and love. :D

Info from Kansas City.com

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Sorry i missed this. As far as fruit pie is concerned, i love Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, and Cherry the best. My nearby PA Dutch Amish Farmer's Market make really good fruit pies! My very favorite pie would have to be Chocolate Mouse Pie!

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