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  1. Aye, she looks blonde but has dyed it grey/purple, which is a bit trendy at the moment.
  2. That's the one. The boy at the back with the Zeppelin t-shirt on looks like a Poundland Kyle Chandler.
  3. I'd like to 'identify' the blonde on the left. In all seriousness, that's great to see, I'd love to get down there sometime to visit & to see his grave too.
  4. If I had to pick one track, I would probably go for Good Times Bad Times, it changed rock drumming overnight & still sounds absolutely mental nearly 50 years on. After that I would probably go for Kashmir, which is an monument of groove & restraint & Achilles Last Stand, which again is just nuts. I might be on my own here but if I had to pick an album to showcase Bonham, it would maybe be Presence, he really was on fire throughout that recording & some of it is his most inventive playing.
  5. Agreed 100%. If only other bands had maintained their dignity the way Led Zeppelin did.
  6. Actually, it's quite possibly a February '70 haircut & beard.
  7. It's traditional grip he's using and to my eyes that looks like a 1972 hair cut.
  8. Quite surprised to see him drinking what looks like a half pint, maybe he was playing later on that day.
  9. I enjoyed your post although I think the companion disc versions of Immigrant Song & Gallows Pole are two of the most crucial ones for me, both brilliant versions.
  10. I have everything on CD, I'd love vinyl really but I've moved about a lot & now that I've got a house & about 700 CDs, it would be very expensive to start replacing them all. Personally I think the downloaded/digital stuff sounds terrible, all compressed & it doesn't breathe. I can see that it's convenient for people though.
  11. I know but the 80s were horrific. I was only a kid at the time but I'm sure there were some clued up people in the 80s listening to Jimmy Smith & electric period Miles Davis.
  12. Some things sound timeless however, like a piano, a Hammond organ or a Fender Rhodes. The synth used on ITTOD sounds very 'of its time'. Whether that means it's cheesy or not is up to the listener I suppose.
  13. Yeah, we really didn't need the Biographer's scintillating insight, 'They were massive in the 70s'. Really? Thanks for that.
  14. I love Presence, I think it's a great album & in some ways it's Bonham's best studio performance. ITTOD has its moments but it's not one I listen to very often, I agree with the points above about the keyboards dating badly.
  15. I watched the Roger Daltrey episode too & it was much the same, it should really be billed as 'Brian Johnson having a natter with his mates' rather than the sort of explosive 'life on the road' thing that it is currently.
  16. Was he taking the piss out of TSRTS? I thought his 'sequence' from the original movie was pretty tongue in cheek anyway, if he wants to take the piss out of himself, he's more than welcome in my book. Most of what Robert Plant says should be taken with a few fathoms of salt, I think if you take him at his word all the time, you're never going to like him.
  17. I really enjoyed it, Plant always comes across really well & he's the sort of bloke you could see yourself sharing a pint with whilst discussing Moby Grape b sides or whatever. One thing I would say, is looking at some of his promotional videos over the years, I reckon I'm a much better dancer than him.
  18. Robert Plant talks a load of rubbish at the best of times, I'd be interested to see the quotes you're referring to though? John Bonham was known in the early days as claiming to be the best drummer in the World, he changed the face of rock drumming overnight with his drumming on the first LP, hardly a 'pub rock'-type situation. Robert Plant had a similar effect on vocalists, influencing everyone from Roger Daltrey to Geddy Lee. They may have enjoyed playing in smaller rooms (who doesn't?) but their influence on the musical World was immeasurable. I'm not sure if they're virtuosos myself but I think there's a huge grey area between being Paganini & playing bar room rock.
  19. What fucking bars are you drinking in?
  20. He was with Rex King on his way to the rehearsal but then I believe he was with the band (& some members of their entourage) from the rehearsal, back to Page's house & it was there that he fell asleep, drunk & was taken upstairs to bed. John Paul Jones on the 24th September 1980:- “It was just at the point where we had all come back together again. We had high hopes it was all coming right. Bonzo had been getting a bit erratic and he wasn’t in good shape. There were some good moments, but then he started on the vodka. I think he had been drinking because there were some problems in his personal life. But he died because of an accident. He was lying down the wrong way.” And:- On the way there in a car with Robert Plant on the 24th John suddenly said: “I’ve had it with playing drums. Everybody plays better than me. I’ll tell you what, when we get to the rehearsal, you play the drums and I’ll sing.”
  21. I believe the photo above is from November 1972, the day the tickets went on sale. I would never use a camera or mobile phone at a gig in 2017, never mind in 1973. I go to enjoy the moment, not to take pictures & videos. Although I'm grateful that other people did from some of these gigs from the 60/70s.
  22. Ha ha, I'll check the alley out. I used to drink in Burlington Bertie's a lot so I'm familiar with the area. I work about 10 minutes away on Morrison Street. The framed picture is just a poster we bought from All Posters online, it's nothing particularly rare. There's only one picture relating to this gig on this site unfortunately...