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  1. Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    Especially the continuity error of it going off then back on again as they switch from one camera to the next after the song has finished.
  2. I think it might've been said in jest, I read a great story recently about a night out they'd (Bolin & Bonham) had in LA together (with Glenn Hughes if I remember correctly). The surviving members of Deep Purple all speak very highly of Bonham so it doesn't seem to have left any sort of bitterness.
  3. Doing heroin is a bit different to doing coke plus I think that a rock singer would much prefer to stand up when singing in the studio, you can't really put your back into it when you're sitting down. Having said that, I love Plant's vocals on Presence.
  4. I watched the 6 Music gig on the iPlayer last night & I thought his reworking of In The Light was absolutely amazing, just an joy to listen to.
  5. Thought he was brilliant on Jools Holland last night.
  6. Thank you. I'm guessing there probably wasn't an awful lot more to it than that, it's a pity there's no pictures circulating.
  7. Debut Album Openers

    Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting of the Spirits The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man
  8. What are your recollections of Bonham's stage invasion at the Purple gig? I've always wanted to hear more about this.
  9. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    The singer out of Maroon 5 needs a piano dropping on his head. And then catapulted into the sun.
  10. Yeah, I'll give it a whirl again, sometimes it helps to have someone point out a couple of things I may have missed.
  11. I have to say I disagree with a fair bit of that but probably best kept for a Beatles thread somewhere. I want to love ITTOD but it's too patchy for me, I bought the remastered CD with the bonus disc & I think I played them both once. Other than Fool in the Rain, which is genius, I can take or leave it, which is mental considering how much I love all their other LPs.
  12. That's a mad choice, it's one of my favourite songs by any band.
  13. Zeppelin are my favourite band but Abbey Road pisses all over ITTOD as a 'greatest last album' I have to say & that's without me really trying to think of any other examples.
  14. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    I have to turn the telly off whenever I see him on it, his face makes steam come out of my ears. I was describing how I felt about him to someone once & came up with the phrase, 'The Musical Antichrist', which I think fits him perfectly.
  15. Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Good, hopefully he loses access to oxygen next.

    I would put good money on Robert Plant doing very little or nothing in relation to the 50th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin.
  17. He was wearing sandles at Bath '70 so I think we should just blame the sandles. I blame the sandles.
  18. What did they think of other bands

    Mind Transplant is a great album. Someone else on here (can't remember who) said it was the Funky Snakefoot (also Alphonse Mouzon) album Bonham was playing in the hotel, I think he referenced one of the many Zeppelin books as well.
  19. I'm struggling with that picture as well, looks a bit like it's been doctored. Am I correct in thinking the beater is resting on the bass drum head, or is that a bit of tape or something? Here's the link to the other thread anyway...
  20. What did they think of other bands

    A mate of mine made a film about a JBs (I think) trip to Scotland & he said Clyde Stubblefield was as nice & as down to Earth a bloke as you could meet. I didn't get the chance to meet him unfortunately, having said that I got the chance to meet Billy Cobham once & hid behind an amp instead. The James Brown stuff is absolutely brilliant, I defy anyone with ears not to like Mother Popcorn.
  21. What did they think of other bands

    Check out 'Funky Drummer', it's his signature tune & I think the most sampled drum track of all time.
  22. What did they think of other bands

    I reckon Bonham might've quite liked the mid/late 70s Fleetwood Mac, it was late 70s when he was taking Jason to the motocross events which would add up. He was a big Cat Stevens fan as well, I don't think it was all James Brown & Alphonse Mouzon.
  23. Almost like when Led Zeppelin used a riff from a jam in How Many More Times for Whole Lotta Love or the 'San Francisco' section of Dazed & Confused for Achilles Last Stand. Just as well we didn't have the internet in the 70s or they would've been getting pelters.
  24. What happened to Plant's voice in 1972 ?

    I don't know about you but if I was a young bloke in my early 20s, World at my feet, young girls throwing themselves at me, cocaine falling from the sky, I would be making the fucking most of it rather than getting tucked up in my bed with a cup of lemon tea & worrying about what somebody on the internet would think about it 40 odd years down the line. It's a shame he didn't look after his voice a little better but I don't think there's any need to be quite so sanctimonious about it.

    A live 'best of' triple LP covering 1968 to 1980 would absolutely floor me, I wouldn't need anything else after that. Unfortunately I don't think anything like it will see the light of day at this stage. I reckon next year we'll get loads of magazine covers, a handful of books & maybe a programme or two on the telly if we're lucky.