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  1. I doubt you're in the minority, I totally agree & would love to hear Bonham with 2 bass drums on the odd song/gig, just not all the time. He didn't need them.
  2. Jimmy, me & Brian May

    Does anyone else look into Jimmy's eye in that picture & suddenly another story comes out with some boy being chased by a load of security men? Nope. Just me then.
  3. I've no doubt the live release later this year will be a multi track from San Bernardino '69, then we can all die happy. Just as an aside, I'm glad the rest of the band told Bonham to ditch the double bass kit. There's something a lot more iconic about a 4 piece kit, especially John Bonham's & he never need any more bottom to his playing anyway.
  4. Here's another couple of pictures of Appice with his double bass drum kit in '69...
  5. Hard to say isn't it? On Appice's set up it looks like there's a big gap between the two bass drums, which doesn't seem to be there on Bonham's kit but it could just be the angle. I'm sure I've read reports of them both playing on a song at the same time on that tour (an encore maybe?), I'm not sure from memory if they were both on the same kit or not. It's hard to imagine in this day & age that people weren't taking photographs of everything, especially these huge moments in the history of rock music.
  6. http://ledzepnews.com/2017/12/19/jimmy-page-said-previously-unheard-led-zeppelin-music-manner-surprises-will-released-bands-fiftieth-anniversary/ “There’ll be Led Zeppelin product coming out, for sure, that people haven’t heard,” Page said, “because I’m working on that. Next year will be the fiftieth year so there’s all manner of surprises coming out.”
  7. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    Creativity isn't an endless Fountain. Jimmy Page is largely responsible for one of the greatest back catalogues in the history of recorded music, it was inevitable that the songs would dry up eventually. It's happened to pretty much every one from John Lennon to Miles Davis.
  8. Elvis vs. Plant

    I can't stand Freddie Mercury personally, I mean he could sing but I'd rather listen to puppies being tortured. I don't really see the point in the thread myself, I love Robert Plant & Elvis but they're nothing alike in terms of singing.
  9. The 1973 tour one looks great, they should definitely make more of these although I'm probably too old to be wearing things like that now.
  10. Ah, that makes sense. I'm not a huge Pink Floyd fan, I like the Syd Barratt stuff & Meddle but that's about it. Hope you enjoyed the game last night as much as I did btw.
  11. LZ songs just you don't like...

    I'm sure some of you are Deep Purple fans on the wind up or something. Tea for One is a masterpiece.
  12. Circus by Lenny Kravitz is very Zeppelin-like in many ways, especially the production - which I believe JPJ may have had a hand in (although he isn't credited). With regards GVF, you get a band like that every five years, everyone talks them up as the new Led Zeppelin but I just don't hear it. They sound like they've been listening to Led Zeppelin non-stop & not thought to listen to the things Zeppelin were influenced by, thus completely missing the point. The Black Crowes album is a good shout, they're one rock band from the last 20/30 years I can listen to. Second Coming by The Stone Roses is another good one & very Page influenced. I have to say I don't listen to much rock these days, I mean after Led Zeppelin, where is there to go?

    I would give Kravitz's Circus album a miss then, possibly the closest thing we've had to Zeppelin since September 1980 (other than the reunions).
  14. I think you're spot on there. They've released a load of '69-'73 stuff now & nothing seems to be forthcoming post '75 other than what we have on the DVD. I think the best we can hope for in terms of later live stuff is the chronological live 'greatest hits', with some (Page tweeked) tracks from '75, '77 & Knebworth.
  15. According to what I've read, the rest of the band complained that two bass drums was too much & had Bonham remove the second one after the handful of gigs in '69. They would've travelled with two anyway as he'd have needed a spare.
  16. Very unusual to see Bonham on a drum riser prior to '75 also. The only other time I can think of is the Danish TV performance in March 1969.
  17. Led Zeppelin and the Monkees

    I'm pretty sure Hendrix was supporting The Monkees & went down like a knackered lift on most dates.
  18. I'd love to hear a recording of one of the double bass drum gigs.
  19. It's gone very quiet since the Record Store Day announcement hasn't it? Maybe we'll get some gossip after the 7" is released on 21st April...
  20. A Heavy Mind and Heart

    I wouldn't read too much into the photographs. It's widely reported that John Bonham had issues with touring & being away from his family, when you add in his drink & drug problems then you're going to have a pretty f*cked up person at times & from having read a lot about him, I believe that was the case unfortunately. I'm sure he had his fair share of happiness during his short life too, that stuff doesn't make as good reading as the hotel room smashing alcoholic though.
  21. I actually think his voice wasn't all that great on the 1971 BBC Paris Theatre concert, it's not one I go back to a great deal to be honest. Page's guitar sound is a little thin for me too, Black Dog sounds like he forgot to put his distortion on. As usual Bonham & Jones are great though.

    Believe it or not some of us love Page & Plant, I have absolutely nothing against either of them. Plant has kept the group's legacy intact by ensuring that they don't go down the same route as The Who & The Stones, embarrassing themselves by hobbling about singing Whole Lotta Love under the Led Zeppelin banner for 40 odd years. I'm more than happy with what Page is doing too, although if he hadn't have put the recent companion discs together I'm sure they would still be regarded as one of the greatest bands in the history of music. I'm hopeful that he gets more live stuff out there & I'll happily empty my wallet when he does.