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  1. The first version of the soundtrack i bought was the 2007 one. (im born in 95 and i think i bought it in 07-09 TSRTS was the last one i didint have in my collection) Around 2011-2012 i found out from wikipedia that the old version of the soundtrack had different edits to songs, so i went and bought the old version, which is still available btw. I grew to love the 2007 version of No Quarter more probably cause thats the version i first heard. The 1976 one is also amazing but the production is bothering me, especially how the drums are mixed, dosent work with headphones at all.
  2. rebeldhipi

    Greta Van Fleet

  3. The new one is better. The bass in What Is And What Should Never Be is a delight. Probably always was but the new remaster brings in up nicely. Edited to add: The booklet is really nice with great pictures i havent seen before. Hello Marylou is cut and it works. From Lets Have A Party to Going Down Slow flows well.
  4. rebeldhipi


    I hope we get something new. Not some earls court/kneworth cd compilation release. But i know damn well ill take anything
  5. I was hoping it being a how the west was completely won release with both shows released in full. Well. Ill take this one too. I actually broke my cd1 around 2004-2005 (it cracked in half coming out of the cd player) and i nevet replaced it until next march or whenever this is gonna come out
  6. rebeldhipi


    22.06 is good but my favorite is 27.06. That solo is so magical when it starts the song goes to anothet planet.
  7. rebeldhipi

    Cuts by Mike the Mic

    Listening now, it sounds like 'im starting to cook'' is edited in.
  8. rebeldhipi

    Next Soundboard Release

    Im hoping for MSG 77
  9. rebeldhipi

    1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

  10. Song credits can be tricky. The line is super blurry Im pretty sure Page wrote the solo for South Bound Saurez - No credits Pretty sure Bonham wrote the iconic drum parts for songs like Sick Again and Achilles Last Stand - no credits Pretty sure that Jonesy had something to do with his parts in The Rain Song - no credits Pretty Sure Plant had something to do with the new vocal melody in Zeppelins version of You Shook Me - no credits.
  11. rebeldhipi

    Your all-time favourite Led Zep trivia question

    A fourth crash cymbal. a Paiste 2002 series 16 inch one to be precise. He had used 16 inch crashes before but his kit never had more than 3 different crash cymbals until 1980. In a live setting at least. (Im counting his 18 inch 2002 ride cymbal as a crash because he used it as one) More easily explained on Bonzos left hand side theres one cymbal more than in 1979 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/hanover-1980 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/knebworth-8-4-79-13
  12. rebeldhipi

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Thanks! As it turns out the one i have is a matrix of Mike Millard Audience and the speed corrected ''Californication" Soundboard. Which sounds very similar to ''The American Return' but with a little more crowd noise and has the same speed as this one!
  13. rebeldhipi

    New Mystery Soundboard?

    Is there a speed corrected version of the march 11 Long Beach show around?
  14. rebeldhipi

    Bonham last day

    Bonzo was on smack??