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  1. Cuts by Mike the Mic

    Listening now, it sounds like 'im starting to cook'' is edited in.
  2. Next Soundboard Release

    Im hoping for MSG 77
  3. 1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

  4. Song credits can be tricky. The line is super blurry Im pretty sure Page wrote the solo for South Bound Saurez - No credits Pretty sure Bonham wrote the iconic drum parts for songs like Sick Again and Achilles Last Stand - no credits Pretty sure that Jonesy had something to do with his parts in The Rain Song - no credits Pretty Sure Plant had something to do with the new vocal melody in Zeppelins version of You Shook Me - no credits.
  5. Your all-time favourite Led Zep trivia question

    A fourth crash cymbal. a Paiste 2002 series 16 inch one to be precise. He had used 16 inch crashes before but his kit never had more than 3 different crash cymbals until 1980. In a live setting at least. (Im counting his 18 inch 2002 ride cymbal as a crash because he used it as one) More easily explained on Bonzos left hand side theres one cymbal more than in 1979 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/hanover-1980 http://www.ledzeppelin.com/image/knebworth-8-4-79-13
  6. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Thanks! As it turns out the one i have is a matrix of Mike Millard Audience and the speed corrected ''Californication" Soundboard. Which sounds very similar to ''The American Return' but with a little more crowd noise and has the same speed as this one!
  7. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Is there a speed corrected version of the march 11 Long Beach show around?
  8. Bonham last day

    Bonzo was on smack??
  9. Your all-time favourite Led Zep trivia question

    1. According to Robert Plant. In Los Angeles in 1977 what did John Paul Jones leave in his jean pocket before falling asleep? 2. For the 1980 tour, John Bonham added something to his drum kit that he never had used before on stage (in Zeppelin atleast) what did he add? 3. During a concert by Led Zeppelin in Seattle in 1972 which song was played twice? 4. Which Rollings Stones music video features the same building as the cover art of Physical Graffiti?
  10. Your all-time favourite Led Zep trivia question

    1. The guitar intro. 2.All have two words on their title? 3. Some pressings had reversed sides, side A being side B and vice versa 4. Tall Cool One 5. Some track from the Celebration Day soundtrack?
  11. New Mystery Soundboard?

    I actually prefer the Alembic over the Fender
  12. New Mystery Soundboard?

    A simple google search with the band name and the date will provide us links I dont have access to dime either. Today is a good day!
  13. The Missing part of The Rain Song was fixed for the remaster. Personally i prefer the remastered version cause the mix is so much better. The left channel panning of the snare drum on the original soundtrack just dosent do it for me.
  14. Did They Paint Themselves Into A Corner?

    Those epics are one of the reasons i love this band. Them sticking to a ''just play the songs'' format would make them just a typical live band.