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  1. That June 22 "No Quarter" is awesome- very epic indeed. Too bad the sound quality on the circulating recording leaves much to be desired. If the sound quality of the June 22 recordings was on par with the 21st or 23rd the June 22 show would be spoken of in the same reverential tones as "Eddie" or "Badgeholders". But what the hell- Mike Millard couldn't tape every show, I suppose.
  2. The snippet with the killer version of "No Quarter", "Ten Years Gone" and "Battle Of Evermore". I'm guessing this is but one soundboard reel (tape?) that has gotten out- either the remainder of the show is being hoarded by somebody or simply lost to the sands of time. Too bad- as far as I'm concerned of all the 1977 soundboards the June 11 snippet constitutes the best show available, even if it's only three songs. That version of "No Quarter" alone is worth the price of admission!
  3. Thing is, Winston Remasters is practically a "brand name" within the Zeppelin trading community, as in, "If Andy Winston remastered it, it has to sound good!". Any given "Winston Remaster" source is considered to be the definitive, so I can see why bootleggers wouldn't hesitate to start throwing Andy's name around in order to generate sales. After all, scruples and ethics aren't exactly part of a bootlegger's M.O.- of course they'll spread around a bit of bullshit if they think they can benefit from it. Are there any of these Moonchild label releases that don't have the "Winston Remasters" tag?
  4. Or the June 11 '77 SBD snippet. I wonder what the hell happened to the rest of that soundboard recording...
  5. "Saint Of Me" only wishes it was half the song "One Hit To The Body" is It'd be a standout on a Jagger solo album but sticks out like a sore thumb on a Stones album (even one as "eclectic" as Bridges To Babylon) since a) Keith doesn't play on it and b ) Charlie's drums are a drum loop. You've got Waddy Wachtel doing his best Keith Richards imitation and an auto-pilot solo from Ronnie Wood. Best thing about "Saint Of Me" is Billy Preston playing on a Stones album for the first time in twenty years. "One Hit To The Body" is a of the Stones' great opening tracks. Dirty Work is nowhere near as bad as its detractors make it out to be. And Page's solo is a killer- as far as I'm concerned Page's solo is the best thing he's done since Zeppelin outside of the 2007 reunion concert.
  6. Freezer taped that one, and was willing to let it out until the bootleggers found out about it...
  7. Oh no, god forbid, bootleggers would never do anything like that
  8. IMO the main problem with Houston is that it's just an average performance, it's just there. Compared to Birmingham three days before or the next night in Fort Worth (goddammit, I wish we had the Baton Rouge show to compare!) the energy level seems kinda low in Houston. Play Houston, then play Fort Worth...night and day. The Houston soundboard recording does sound good, though.
  9. If I had to guess -emphasis on "guess"- I'd say Page was possibly smack free and in withdrawal for those first third leg gigs. Either that or he copped some bad shit. But I lean toward the former. His playing is decidedly unfocused in Seattle and Tempe, so either he was suffering from not enough heroin or too much of a bad batch. As for Plant, clearly he had some sort of flu or cold or something- as pointed out, he coughs quite a bit in Seattle but his illness only got worse by the time they hit Tempe, he can't hit the high notes at all. IMO Plant's voice is the main reason why Tempe is such an off performance. Consider it a badge of honour to have your work bootlegged Agreed- soundboards from any of the early April shows would be most welcome. As Sue points out, the Cincinatti shows are the only decent audience recordings of the bunch...until we hit April 28th, of course.
  10. Tempe '77 bump!
  11. Something to keep in mind should soundboards of any of the other Millard recorded shows ever appear.
  12. Christ, that venue just looks immense- even the stage and the video screen look tiny. Woulda sucked to have been sitting up in the nosebleeds, I'd imagine. Seeing the Stones in '81 at the aunt and uncle and I had good seats as I recall but the band still looked like fuckin' ants! And, no, the Pontiac audience recording isn't that bad- the known gen (1st, I think) copy that circulates is a vast improvement over the old Hot Rods In Pontiac boot. I did a remaster of the recording a couple years back that I reckoned was even more of an improvement IMO.
  13. Yep...funny how that works, innit?
  14. Not as bad as it would be for the next gig...Tempe!
  15. What would Freezer say if he were still with us?