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  1. LOL I believe he was glad, got whole lotta attention that day!
  2. Cool one! I love this kind of photos: funny, bright and emotional Like following Not serious at all
  3. Lovely! Have you ever played in the White Stripes?
  4. Good day, erings! Thank you! How did you like St.Petersburg?

  5. Hi, zeppphead! Thanks for adding me!

  6. Hi! Nice to meet you!

  7. Hi! You shouldn't pay attention to the haters' comments. :)

  8. Hi! Cool "about me" section :D

  9. They are nice! What are their names?
  10. Poor birdbrained cardinals. My cat would have gone crazy if it happened to our window. She always starts hunting anytime she sees a bird from a window. Thanks everyone for kind comments. In fact my cat is only half-siamese, half-persian. They would have been a good company with Beeper. As soon as he would start beeping traffic lights would be on
  11. Sorry for double post. There was a browser bug I suppose.

  12. Unfortunately, that's all his portraits of Zepp. But there're some more works dedicated to rock stars on his site
  13. There are some portraits written by a russian painter Alexander Vigalov. Found them on the net, loved and decided to share
  14. Haven't heard about that. Could you provide any quotes? I really doubt Keith could ever confuse Roger with Robert
  15. Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday, Delinha!

  17. Cool dog, CommunicationBreakdown, so calm and seriuos. And here's my cat Alice
  18. I can't find the quote, but Keith said he's annoyed with Jagger's behaviour on stage. The idea was that he would prefer Mick stand still while singing and not to rush over a stage like a wild monkey.
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