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  1. ^^ Thanks The Pagemeister ^^ I have enjoyed Robbie Robertson for a long time. What a career, what talent.
  2. I'd like to add #11...you are a big tease too! (hope that does not sound too strange coming from another guy? ) I am referring to number 7. Do tell! If you can of course.
  3. I would like to comment on number 3...thank you for sharing that! Those are, as the post suggests, random facts about you. Knowing how difficult those things are to achieve, I say bravo!
  4. The rain finally stopped! After the better part of 3 weeks. Fortunately no flooding where I live and my town isn't burning to the ground as we speak. Here is wishing all the best to those in need right now.
  5. Just finished watching American Trucker. Not something I have ever watched before, but as I was channel surfing I saw something shiny! What really kept me on the show was the music they played part way through..."In My Time of Dying". No words being sung. Just instrumental. A version I have not heard before. Likely a cover by another band, but something I was pleasantly surprised to hear.
  6. A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez & The Scene
  7. /\/\/\/\/\ Okay, now that made me laugh out loud!! Thanks.
  8. Unfortunately similar flooding is going on in Manitoba too. They are purposely breaching dikes to flood areas that would not otherwise have flooded. They are taking the "lesser of two evils" approach. Flood 150-200 homes to save 500-1000 homes. However some valuable farm land is going to flood with it. It has been raining here. on and of, for the better part of 3 weeks. Forecast for the week ahead...RAIN!!!
  9. Our House - Madness Oh yes, I know you're singing it right now...in the middle of the street...
  10. Hey MissMelanie! Any fan of Top Gear is a friend of mine! James is a hoot in his own way. Captain Slow! Great to talk to you, have a great day!

  11. That I am! For you to know that I would guess you or someone you know is too.
  12. Whew!! Glad that's cleared up! I wanted to say something about it but just did not have the gentleman's vegetables to it! I wanted to ask about the year and weather conditions that day. Humid and windy?
  13. I Can't Quit You Baby - um, well, you know!
  14. I just noticed there are oneheluva lot more posts here that at the un-happy thread! That's a good thing.
  15. Nikki Yanofsky - she sings a beautifully as she looks.
  16. With just a touch of Green on the side!
  17. /\/\/\ Cate? ^^^^ From London? Is that you? You have time to post here? How was your day? I watched you today too!!
  18. YES!! HYE been able to walk onto the roof of your house 'cause there was so much frikin snow on the ground?
  19. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - James Taylor version with Carly Simon.
  20. Mama, I'm Coming Home...OZZY! ok, now I want to post the next one too! G w PC
  21. Got an unexpected phone call from my daughter. I love it when that happens.
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