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  1. Gotta say that is my favorite year for that car!
  2. Nice Rooster! If you are indeed fairly new at this, I say well done.
  3. Keep in mind those two use alternate tunings, an excuse I use often to justify owning many guitars! As for inspirations...Jimmy Page is obvious hopefully, David Gilmour, Joe Bonamassa, Nancy Wilson to name a few. And two players together, Tony Iommi and Django Reinhardt, partly for their music but mainly because of horrible hand injuries they both suffered yet they play so well. Really giving it some thought I must say there are so many on my list. How about you too? Oh, just noticed you said "besides JP", oh well, too late to turn back now!
  4. Germany is already on my bucket list, this moves it to the top! Although this is my first post in this thread, it is by far not my first visit. Always amazed by your collection sir, um, Roger.
  5. Before and after. First time I've not had a snow bank at the end of my driveway! Just the one in front of my garage!

  6. That's right too! When they were in the prison library. I've not seen the 1975 version, add that to the list.
  7. Hi Kayley! Welcome to the site. Those are two very enjoyable, and indeed not terribly hard songs to play.
  8. Now that my driveway is cleared it's time for a cup of tea, some home made cookies and "The Italian Job"...the original. I've seen "The Shawshank Redemption" mentioned here a couple of times, If you love that movie you just might like "The Count of Monte Cristo" too. Dam James Caviezel is almost as good looking as me. Just noticed, "I've been going to the movies". I guess mine is more the movie is coming to me.
  9. Finally getting through this mess... First person who say's I missed a spot is getting a snowball in the back of the head!!
  10. What a hoot! I did laugh out loud at that one. Glad she's still with us. Reminded me of my great grand mother and one of her sisters, bingo and Jai Alai was their life. My gg lived to 103.
  11. American Woman - The Guess Who
  12. Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond
  13. Out on the Tiles - Led Zeppelin
  14. Okay, just found this from Lockeport NS. There is not supposewd to be water there!
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