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  1. Thanks Richard! I think I need to listen to that one right now! Welcome to the forum Lemonhead.
  2. So avoidable. So terrible. I know a lot of people don't like rules, but they sure could have saved a lot of lives here.
  3. Just got my tickets to see Serena Ryder in March at out Capital Theatre. Later in March I'm taking some friends to see Brit Floyd. Saw them last March and was blown away by the quality of their show. Floyd being my number 2 fave it is great that such a quality cover band comes to town.
  4. Hey CP, that's a deal at twice the price! Have fun.
  5. Well, you got me! I've not listened to this one before, and after such a review it is time to do so. Well done. I also look forward to your next.
  6. THE Sweet! Not commonly known around here as The Sweet, just Sweet! THE SWEET is more the European name I believe. That tune is pretty, um, sweet too. Well, enough about Sweet! Why do I want a candy right now?
  7. Really enjoyed those interviews. I recognized a couple of reporters in the first one. What a well spoken man Robert is.
  8. Just saw it on our local news. Sad day again. The next thing on the news was about a 12 year old that shot and killed his 16yo brother in Quebec. Terrible.
  9. Thanks for the post Sam! As a car/motorsports/Led Zeppelin enthusiast, this fantastic. I believe these pictures were taken (some one correct me if I'm wrong) at the famous "Cork Screw" at Laguna Seca Raceway in California.
  10. Today was cold. Tomorrow is gonna be FRIKEN COLD!!
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