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  1. Hmmmm...what made me happy today? Well first it IS Friday! Good start. At work we get jobs that are known as "Friday jobs", and to get a Friday job on a Friday is not as common as we would like. Today I got a Friday job!! Yee ha! Next, the wind has finally died down and the temperature has risen a bit. Wind chills in the minus 30's has been hitting us all week. And I work outside! My daughter and her mother are getting on a bit better this week, finally. And she (my daughter) will be with me for the weekend! I am happy I can say I have two "best" friends. The discussion here reminds me how fortunate I am to have those friends. Now, what colour will I paint my toena...um, tools! Ya, paint my tools, that's it! Enjoy your weekend everyone! :-)
  2. Second snow storm in a week happening here! Last one was Thursday evening/night. That one had wet heavy stuff, this one so far is lighter. I've been out to shovel off my front step already, there was a 2 foot drift, almost couldn't open my door! I think we are getting the same storm. You took your daughter out driving this morning...is she just learning to drive? My daughter will be 16 in just a couple of months, I'm not looking forward to her driving in these conditions.
  3. LOL!! chillumpuffer... Sounds like Mrs. CP is a reason to post in the "what made you happy" thread! It would be great if we all had a "Mrs or Mr CP"?
  4. I hear a proud mama talking!! ^^^^^^ Doesn't it just make you tingle when things like this happen to them?
  5. Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. -- Eric Hoffer
  6. This mass murder! It just plain sucks. Even as a parent I just could not imagine their pain! And my little one has been sick since Tuesday with no improvement yet!
  7. I have handled many things in my job, not many new things any more though. Tomorrow will be a new one for me, I'll be lifting an MRI unit out of one of our local hospitals. Apparently there is an opening in the roof that we can get it out. A good Friday job. Now to get those cards finished and ready to mail.
  8. Um...The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show! I have not watched this in too many years. Tonight they showed the one when Bugs is an orchestra conductor. In my forties and laughing like a kid.
  9. Me too! I've heard it on satellite and local radio!! Gotta love it!
  10. ^^^ Thanks for that Deborah J! :-) Anyone for some Jake E. Lee playing some Rock 'n Roll? Sass Jordan dong the singing... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sass_Jordan
  11. But you still saved someones son/father/brother! If I ever screw up like that (I don't drink though) hope someone like you comes by.
  12. Joe (Liverpool) Hope you are well, keep us posted. Kiwi Sorry to hear what has happened. A co-worker witnessed 2 construction workers fall from a platform today. Both seriously injured. When he got back to work he was visibly distraught. Not pleasant for anyone. Planted Sorry to hear about such a loss. It does remind me though to be thankful of such people. My late uncle was at one time Canada's longest surviving kidney transplant survivor. He lived more than 25 years after his transplant.
  13. Ah Heart, love them. I will always have a place in my, um, heart for them!! Hope they play some Zep for you. I'm heading out to see The Australian Pink Floyd Show tonight. Huge Floyd fan, they are second only to Zep for me.
  14. Cars you say? Well... 1. Bugatti Veyron 2. Aston Martin (all) 3. Jag E Type 4. Ferrari 458 Italia 5. My MINI!!!!!! and there are many more that would love to list. Oh, gotta add my '68 Barracuda coupe that used to own and my buddy's '70 GTO Judge that he has owned since 1982.
  15. We have Pheasants around here too, though not native to these parts. Here the male and female are easy to distinguish. Like ducks the male is very colorful and the female is quite plain. So unlike the human race...our females are the most beautiful.
  16. Hotel Transylvania! Hey, I needed something light on the head. And I needed to laugh, which I did. I took my sister, her kids, my daughter and my brothers son. Ages 9 to forty something. We all laughed. Out loud too. This had child humor as well as adult humor. Not X rated, just humor that an adult is likely to understand.
  17. What a great bunch we have here! Thanks all! LZG...shelling out for tires is painful indeed. But doesn't the car ride so nice after the new ones are on?
  18. Here's hoping everyone can be with loved ones.
  19. Many thanks to all. Family and music will be a big help getting through this. And we all know that time is a great healer but we will always be left with a scar.
  20. I lost my Dad this morning. Sorry for the downer folks, but after coming to this site for a couple of years now it was the first place I could think of at this time of the morning. I know some of you have gone through what I am going through right now. Not wanting you to re-live it though, I apologise for that. Isn't Led Zeppelin great?
  21. So last night I saw Slash. The opening band was "Monster Truck" I liked them right from the start. Turned up too loud but some good rockers. Anyone who may think R&R is dead should look these guys up. Slash came on stage at 9 wearing a concert tee from the opening band...cool! He is a hard working rocker, sweats like all get-out. There were puddles on the stage. It was general admission so things were a bit tight if you wanted a close-up, which I did, but far enough away so's not to get splashed. Once again volume, to me at least and a few others I spoke to afterwards, was too high. It looses something when it is overdone. This was in a small venue so if the audience was quiet you could hear some one on stage talking. Lots of great music, a few GNR tunes as expected. Myles Kennedy and his band did a nice job of keeping up with Slash, who played non stop till about a quarter past 11. My hearing has returned and my memory's of the concert are locked in and well worth remembering. A great show.
  22. Any one been to Nepisiguit Falls? Just got back from there. What a beauty of a spot. 100+ year old hydro electric dam and fantastic scenery along the river...in the middle of friggin nowhere!!!!

  23. I'm home! My vacation is over! 3 weeks in Italy and Greece...done. Back to work tomorrow. Did get a nice LZ t-shirt though
  24. PBS "My Music" The British Beat Lulu is on right now...wow...aging very well!! 64 now. Now the Trogs...Wild Thing.
  25. Hope to get a few shots of it tonight. Last time didn't work out so well, just a big blurr. Need to set my camera up correctly to take the shot. Raining right now but expected to be partly cloudy over night.
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