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  1. Could be interesting. Sadly I'll have to wait for a YouTube version.
  2. Okay, that's a Coke and it wasn't last summer.
  3. Very cool indeed! Thanks for sharing that!
  4. I like your taste in cars Charles. Here is one of my childhood favourites, 1973 Buick Riviera. My Dad had one of these and our whole family loved this car.
  5. Okay...so I thought I was a fan of BTO too, but the first track on this album was new to me! And I like it, a lot!
  6. I agree with you on the fact that there ain't much muscle there! So, a muscle car? Not so much.
  7. He did a nice job with Joe Bonamassa too at the Beacon Theater.
  8. Halifax! That is where I made my first appearance! Ya, nice city...mines better! Uh huh, I went there!
  9. Now if that don't getchya, nothin will!
  10. Well I did laugh out loud at that one!! What a mental image I have of that right now! Well that just sucks the big one CP! As most likely everyone here has some stories of corporate ignorance, so do I, and I bet they have a lot of similarities. I work for a family owned company, however, I'm but one of several thousand employees working for one of their hundreds of companies. Just another number. Sounds like your chin is already up mate, keep it there. Best to you and Mrs. CP.
  11. Some more P1800 and GTO bliss.. Both owned by one of my best friends. He is only the second owner of the Judge, bought it in '82. He lent the Volvo to his younger brother one too many times several years ago.
  12. Cozy up and enjoy the site, we know you will. This won't make you any warmer but it's bloody cold here too!
  13. Great news! Any other dates? I'll be on the west coast in a couple of months, would love to see you guys.
  14. Fan of the Keys too, but that one was new to me. (how's that for being a fan?) Very '60's!
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