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  1. Good luck to you on that! Let us know the results would you?
  2. Got a blanket here overnight too. And this blanket actually brought some warmth too! Temp rising today.
  3. I guess I should feel fortunate about my 12 minute commute! If traffic is heavy it takes me about 14 minutes.
  4. Almost the same here. It warmed up to -19 with wind chills in the -25 to -30 range. Plus 5 is the forecast for Sunday!!!
  5. Any car accident you walk away from is a good car accident! Well, sort of. You know what I mean. Glad you are okay. I like how you listed the suspension components that might be damaged. I think most people could not identify them. Sad indeed about HMV, I have been a supporter. Happy birthday Fool In The Rain!
  6. Serena Ryder - Stompa Heard it for the first time about an hour ago, love it. Just not sure if it has longevity or not.
  7. My "baby" will be 16 in April, not looking forward to it either! I was a driving instructor for 16 years though so she will get thorough lessons from me. I also will enter her in some of the driving competitions that I compete in, I want her armed with as much knowledge, skill and experience as possible. Wow, I just realised 16 years of teaching and I've been out of it for 11 now. I really did start when I was two!
  8. Glad you're okay! Didn't sound like a fun experience. I have CAA, same thing, and if I never use it I'm okay with that but it sure is worth every penny when you do.
  9. We had wind chills in the minus 30 range yesterday morning, it was +2 and sunny by lunchtime today. Snow tonight. If you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute, it'll change!
  10. Listening to my daughter learn how to play a One Direction song on my Stratocaster.
  11. Apollo Live Jazz, blues, pop, comedy. Oh to have been there when Hendrix was on.
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