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  1. Anyone have a Youtube link to it? i don't think I've heard it. EDIT: Never mind. I found it. Wow, Jimmy sounds asleep and drunk when playing Achilles.
  2. I want a sounboard of Tempe 1977, just so i can hear the first half of the show.
  3. Happy Birthday Jimmy! I play guitar because of Page, and as a result, my life has improved drastically compared to 2 years ago. Indulged in 'Outrider' today. Haven't listened to it for a long time.
  4. I would love to hear a soundboard of that, so I can properly hear what's going on.
  5. The first time I ever heard 'Since I've been loving You', I closed my eyes and pictured the members of the band playing it in a New York bar late at night.
  6. I've thought about this long and hard. I've even listened to each song hundreds of times. They are both amazing works of art. But, when I'm browsing through my Zeppelin music, I almost always come back to Tea For One. I prefer it over Since I've Been Loving You.
  7. I'm still discovering new guitar parts in Led Zeppelin songs.
  8. Achilles. To me, it sounds like the guitar is screaming in agony.
  9. I've been pretty much obsessed with Iron Maiden these last few weeks
  10. For me, this is how it is. HTWWW is a better performance, for the most part. It's Zeppelin at the top of their game (Live, anyway) TSRTS is a better Live album, in terms of atmosphere and feel. HTWWW feels a bit 'Dead' to me.
  11. As much as I love the hard rock, the folk rock and progressive rock elements of led Zeppelin, this is the side of Zeppelin that I love the most.
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