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  1. Unless you plan to record or play in a band, it doesn't matter what your ability is. As long as you enjoy it.
  2. This is true for me as well, but there are a few songs i skip, no matter how much I like the band.
  3. Usually only Moby Dick and In my time of Dying. I never ever skip Achilles last stand, and only rarely do I skip Stairway.
  4. On the other hand, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top uses 7s on his Guitars tuned down a half step.
  5. He wouldn't have came up with Whole Lotta Love. Probably other songs as well. Guitarists come up with different ideas when picking up different guitars.
  6. Photo for updating my student card for getting to College. Taken a while back
  7. I'm not an expert, but the misprint of LZ 1 (with blue writing on the front) is quite rare.
  8. Meanwhile, in an alternative universe, Jimmy Page has just released his 14th studio album, which he describes as 'Maybe his last'. He will finish it up with a Live album, his first in 5 years, and full remaster of his past albums.
  9. Wasted Years - iron Maiden From the coast of gold, across the seven seasI'm travellin' on, far and wideBut now it seems, I'm just a stranger to myselfAnd all the things I sometimes do, it isn't me butsomeone elseI close my eyes, and think of homeAnother city goes by in the nightAin't it funny how it is, you never miss it 'til it'sgone awayAnd my heart is lying there and will be 'til mydying daySo understandDon't waste your time always searching forthose wasted yearsFace up... make your standAnd realise you're living in the golden yearsToo much time on my hands, I got you on my mindCan't ease t
  10. Now, this isn't Page, but what would everyone's reaction be if Page released Music like this for an album?
  11. Agree to disagree, but Carouselambra is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs ever. I kind of agree with Hotdog, but disagree with the rest of what you said
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