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  1. My reply was something like... "What, he's just playing football in his underwear. Don't you ever do that?" I realize it must be a speedo, or something, though. But not like it matters. :D
  2. I voted Swan Song but then remembered Bron-Yr-Aur, which I think is my favourite. Its just gorgeous.
  3. Quote from my (male) friend whom I e-mailed this photo to: "If I stand in a goofy pose with one foot off the ground like that, mine looks that big too."
  4. Oh. Did we ever figure out what that pic actually is then? My apologies. Velvet was made for Jimmy!: Is that a screenshot from that French show on the DVD?
  5. Didn't it turn out to be that Japanese Jimmy impersonator? edit: And I think the pants in the photo above that one are a totally different colour than in the 'fake' pic.
  6. I have never seen that first one, Spacewoman! I love '77 Jimmy. And about the 4th one down... Jimmy in the velvet pants and white fishnet.... I remember from a long time ago there was a debate about whether or not this photo was false? I think we came to the conclusion that it wasn't real. Does anyone else agree/remember this?
  7. Well I've been to Austria. Salzburg and Vienna are absolutely beautiful.
  8. I think Ella is the only one that should sing "Summertime"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j6avX7ebkM Now there is a voice!
  9. Very very cool stuff. Definitely keep updating us!
  10. Now I love a raspy voice, but Janis is too over the top for me. It honestly sounds like a suffering cat to me at times! Sorry. I enjoy many of her songs, but as far as her having one of my favourite voices? Noooo. I don't get why people think she's the greatest, there's much more tasteful female voices out there if you ask me!
  11. A tiny request, if I may- could we also stop quoting posts with 256 pictures in them, it makes the thread VERY hard to get through since the pages then mostly consist of repeats! Now a sample of this thread's former glory :
  12. I did. And, I think Janis Joplin is overrated. *runs*
  13. Always gotta have that backup plan:
  14. It's alright Aqua! I'm sure Knebby will still like you (eventually).
  15. That should be good! I haven't heard any of their stuff, do they have an album out yet? I asked my friend who's a Jack White fan if he'd heard about the new band and he said, "Yeah but they suck!" They're playing a club in Toronto on July 22. Even if they do "suck" I would still love to see Jack again!
  16. Maybe he gave up for a bit and then came back?
  17. Oops, guess I need to brush up on my English ales as well as my English geography.
  18. I didn't know all of that either. Its amazing how much he does do then! When I saw the Raconteurs they played for so loud and so long (as I remember)... dunno how someone could do it even without health problems!
  19. Ahh thanks. And pardon my ignorance, those from the northeast.
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