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  1. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I was referring to this picture
  2. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I do too Roxie. I love the jewellrey I want to thank all the fellow Robert worshippers for posting such a fantastic assortment of swoonsome pictures
  3. MHD


    Hello Penny...welcome from a fellow '67 babe And hi and welcome to Florian too!
  4. I was really dismayed when I read this . Planet Rock is my station of choice. I don't believe there are any decent alternative choices if it does close. Hey, if I win the lottery....
  5. Led Zeppelin: Dazed and Confused: The Stories Behind Every Song. I'm pondering on whether to purchase this. Is it accurate?
  6. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    The old ones are the best!
  7. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    You've answered your own question Fuzzy Roger's not the best looking guy on the block...but his whole persona is what makes him attractive, although underneath it all he seems like a decent bloke.
  8. PG has been my Zep album of choice for the past few days...it's weird as I've always listed III and IV as my favourites, they were always the stalwarts. But PG has suddenly leapt up and totally bowled me over!. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved it but listening to it on rotation has somehow taken it to even greater heights of brilliance. Now it's a 3 way tie. Roberts' vocals on PG are the dogs b******s!
  9. Probably not many peoples choice, but I'm going with Scary Monsters and Super Creeps. A favourite of my early teen years
  10. MHD

    Another Newby

    Hello and welcome You're from a great part of the world!
  11. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    Thank you Inga, Roger has always been close to my heart
  12. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    Viggo is knee trembling gorgeous as his LOTR character...but he does nothing for me now the long hair and beard are gone. I think it's because as Aragorn he looks like an early 70s rock dude
  13. There are so many I love, all for different reasons...here's just a pick All of Ben Kingsleys' scenes in Sexy Beast Dustin Hoffman as Dorothy, trying his best to babysit in Tootsie Jack Nicholson "talking" to barman Lloyd in The Shining Annette Bening in full estate agent mode in American Beauty..and then chastising herself for breaking down for not selling the house. Terrific performance, she was robbed of the Oscar. and this...
  14. Wow! What a lucky girl you are! A delightful story. One to treasure forever. I felt myself melting just reading it...and a great photo too
  15. This is really sad news. The scene you mentioned from Jaws is incredibly sweet. And I must give mention too, of course,to The French Connection...one hell of a movie!
  16. I love your avatar Angel.

  17. I have tried to find info about a UK CD release of this album, with no luck. Is it available in the States? If anyone can help me track down a copy I would be grateful. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the info Jahfin, I'll be interested in this one for sure. Tapestry was one of my favourite vinyls in my youth, but I have never owned it on CD. Guess it's time to make amends
  19. Before Spinal Tap, The Comic Strip (UK comedians) did Bad News and More Bad News..2 fantastically funny heavy metal parodies They even played Donnington '86! And, imo, far funnier than Spinal Tap
  20. MHD

    The Cars

    Good comment. Even though Mutt Lange gave them a more beefy, boppy sound, Heartbeat City still has some great tracks. I love Magic.
  21. Ok, I best whisper this.... Def Leppard/Whitesnake at Sheffield in June. I know I said in the other thread about Def Leppard not appealing to me anymore, blah, blah but I really want to see Whitesnake and I've come over all nostalgic..it's 20 years this year since I saw DL at Sheffield City Hall..and I do have some great memories of their music and what it meaned to me when I was a young lass...so, I got my ticket as an early birthday gift
  22. MHD

    The Cars

    Maybe a bit light for this forums taste, but any other fans? I have been re-visiting Candy-0 today whilst motoring around...personally, I think it's their best but also love the debut through to Heartbeat City. They never reached the dizzy heights of great success in the UK. I'd like to ask our American buddies...were they huge in their native country?
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