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  1. Ah, the mighty Thin Lizzy. Always on my list of essential listens. No matter what has been said about Live and Dangerous not entirely been the genuine article..it remains one of my favourite "live" albums. Phils legendary "Is there anyone here with any Irish in them.." line is a classic. Soooo rock n roll..always brings a smile to my face
  2. The Who May 2007 Fantastic gig and setlist...was wishing maybe, against all odds, we would have got Slip Kid as it is a favourite of mine but I know it's long been abandoned live..alas, we didn't, but The Seeker and Sparks made up for its no show.
  3. Yeah, sorry it's Amazing Journey...I was being distracted What I like about it is the honesty/ laid bare approach which comes across in the interviews.
  4. Yesterdays - best of early Yes compilation Roundabout - Best of Yes Live Essential Heart - Heart Also just purchased The Incredible Journey Of The Who DVD..excellent, highly recommended!
  5. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    This photo is seriously HOT!!! Thanks for posting KMS
  6. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    To be fair, Roger had this look going on in 1968-69..when Tommy was released, a little before Robert became the Rock Sex God we know and love
  7. Michelle, everytime I see the pic of Jimmy on your sig.. he so reminds me of a young Jasper Carrot, an English (Brummie!) comedian/writer. He is father of Lucy Davies, who starred in The Office (UK original version).
  8. MHD

    Beautiful Men.

    Great pics zoso..Roger is indeed mighty fine!
  9. MHD


    I would like to add my welcome.. (and a great Thin Lizzy track)
  10. As always, count me in as a Tull fan diverse, intense, sometimes subtle, incredible musicianship..just some words and phrases that come to mind. Also, an awe inspiring live act.
  11. Voted I am staggered that Bon Jovi are there in the first place.
  12. This thread is really bringing out some skeletons from my cupboard...I want to also confess my love for David Cassidy's How Can I Be Sure
  13. Knebby to say I'm envious is an understatement.
  14. Take It On The Run -REO Speedwagon. The lyrics are so cheesy but I can't help liking the damn thing. I also like Keep On Loving You so it's a double embarrassment.
  15. Page/Plant - Sheffield 1995 Pink Floyd - Earls Court 1994 Donnington, Monsters Of Rock Festival 1987 and on a smaller scale, Reef..great English rock band, although inactive for a while now, at Sheffield Uni October 2000.
  16. That's who immediately came to my mind.
  17. I'm 41 next month and feelin' good!
  18. Great photo irg..good luck with the band.
  19. Wow, someone on the same wavelength as me..I can't honestly see why he is so revered. But, each to their own and all that...
  20. I recently heard What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong, and it was coupled with a film of different images of smiling children..in these times of war, oppression and crime, it is sometimes easy to forget there is some good in the world. It made me shed a few tears...very moving.
  21. Couldn't agree more! Add to them The Smiths, Nickelback and I just KNOW I'm going to be shot down in flames for saying this but Bob Dylan..Lay Lady Lay is fine, and I like some Bob Dylan songs sang by other people but he doesn't light my fire I'm afraid.
  22. Mmmm, very nice Bonham...if only I was 18 again!!
  23. MHD

    Hot Pics of Robert

    I think to keep all us girls happy we will have to create our own Robert harem..with him laid back on a chaise longue, lapping up the attention....but then, I'm sure he's had a few situations like that in his time!
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