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  1. That wasn't what I meant, but thanks for posting the link anyway.
  2. It appears that Godfather Records are talking to the Japanese too, so I'll be curious to see what comes out of that. Great label!
  3. Really? Oh now that is a shame. Personally I'm rather bored with Plant/Krauss already and was hoping for future collaborations with Strange Sensation.
  4. The version released on the Godfather Records label ("Any Port In A Storm) is the best I've heard so far. Much, much better than the Presence production or Empress valley's release. It has a few cuts (Bonzo testing his kit before Rock & Roll has been removed), but otherwise it's really good.
  5. It's alright for the money, although you have to ignore some of the howling errors & inaccuracies contained therein.
  6. A little bird tells me that one of the Jap bootleg companies is readying to release a "Working Tapes" version of the TSRTS soundtrack. Two things, if that's the case. Firstly, I hope this one is the genuine article & not the Winston remasters knock-off Empress Valley were peddling (and hastily withdrew). Secondly, I wonder if it's likely to be a longer uncut source? Hmmm....
  7. Exactly. The window of opportunity to see Page (in particular) play live must be getting smaller with each passing year. With John Paul Jones & Bonham Jnr in tow, you would have to be crazy to miss this...
  8. Blimey, people really aren't bothering to read the statement properly, are they? I've just come from another band's forum where there are already "Ah that means they will tour in 2010!" type remarks. Unbelievable. As others have said - disappointing for those of us that weren't fortunate to see O2 Zep or 68-80 Zep. However, life goes on. Clearly Robert and the J's have plenty of music left in them, individually or collectively (the J's?). So, this is not the end of anything -it's a continuing and unfolding journey. Whether it's new Plant/Krauss, Strange Sensation, new music (ho
  9. Ah yes, Planet K - that was the place! Great gig - I bumped into the Mancunian guy (Steve?) who had got to throw questions at Page & Plant on TFI Friday. Kevyn Gammond was in fine form throughout. Happy days!
  10. Yeah,I was lucky to catch two of them - Kendal & Manchester. I live near Sheffield now, but didn't at the time so I missed the Boardwalk gig. Doh! I was a bit gutted when Robert ended his association with the Priory, but I suppose long-term it's all been for the good. Part of me wishes I could see him front a similar vehice in the future - the gigs were just such good fun.
  11. Just for a while I've decided to neatly sidestep all the "Will they, won't they" and "It's all Robert Plant's fault" type threads, put my feet up and listen to a couple of the POB boots. What a great little band they were...really stratospheric renditions of Darkness Darkness, Girl From the North Country, Early In The Morning, Evil Woman, Trouble In Mind - I could name so many more. So this afternoon I've been chilling with a long, cool drink to POB @ Dudley, Brieley Hill & Sheffield - nice! So let's spread the love for PoB. Would anyone like to share any recollections or pho
  12. I caught the Manchester show (last UK show), and seem to recall Jimmy being on great form throughout.
  13. Personally I'm a big fan of May 14th 1973 (New Orleans). A definite underrated cracker!
  14. Ah no, Bath is nowhere near as bad as ever everyone makes it out to be. Hampton 1970 & the second night of MSG 1977 are the worst I've ever come across. terrible quality!
  15. I couldn't really give a toss who Pagey is performing with - it's just good to see him out there playing!
  16. With about 200+ silvers at the last count (and not including DVDs any other bits & bobs) the answer is absoluetly not!
  17. Good man. I'm sure Knebby will agree with me when I say you won't regret it!
  18. He and Justin Adams make a killer guitar duo. More SS please, Mr Plant!
  19. Oh you should - I've seen them a couple of times and they are fabulous live. The Seventh Tree is currently neck & neck with the Fleet Foxes' debut for my own album of the year choice!
  20. You're absolutely right, Knebby - total gaff on my part. I was watching Goldfrapp playing live session on Channel 4 the other night (and as you know Charlie is now their touring bassist). Billy Fuller is of course Strange Sensation's bass player. Doh! that'll teach me to post before checking the content...
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