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  1. Yes, Clive Deamer, Justin Adams & Charlie Jones are all busy gigging & whatnot. I recall RP saying that he'd given the boys some song titles & instructed them to come up with some music.
  2. Well if anyone is feeling creative and has a video camera, this is an easy way of potentially bagging yourself five grand!
  3. ...I'm kidding. However, it's starting to feel like Strange Sensation are becoming a forgotten band. Mighty Rearranger was a fabulous record, and frankly I'd take more of that over another Plant/Krauss album or "That Tour" So bite me!
  4. Details here: http://www.whateveriswrongwithyou.com/ Marillion's Whatever is Wrong With You? Video Contest Marillion are giving you the chance to win £5000 AND giving away a brand new song FOR FREE Download a special edit of the BRAND NEW song Whatever is Wrong With You? now - then use it as the soundtrack to your OWN video. What kind of video? Well it can be absolutely ANYTHING you want it to be - we don't want to limit your choices by even suggesting something. Just make something that YOU want to make: funny, interesting, serious, mysterious - but something that EVERYONE would
  5. OK, well I'll see your Billy Joel and raise you a Celine Dion. Stitch that, mofos!
  6. Ah come on, lay off Billy! He might be middle of the road/whatever but he's penned some cracking tracks. It doesn't help his cause that he's constantly referred to as "The American Elton John", which is enough to make anyone hurl themselves off a tall building. He's way better than that. Oh, and he's an ugly shortarse who managed to shag Christie Brinkley. At least give him a bit of credit for that!
  7. It's funny this thread cropped up now - I was only playing a Rainbow compilation in the car today. Although my favourite line-ups included RJD & Cozy, I was very pleasantly suprised at how good some of the stuff with Joe Lynn Turner was. "Stone Cold" (as mentioned earlier) stood out as a highlight. I'm a bit gutted I never got to see Rainbow (in any incarnation), even though I was fortunate to catch the classic Mk II line-up of Purple at Knebworth & later at Birmingham NEC. Never did get Blackmore's Night, although that's obviously another side of the man in black's playing..
  8. Might be able to make that - I would be interested to hear firmed-up details as and when. Thanks!
  9. Exactly the point I was trying to make!
  10. Yeah, me too. However, odds on it would be a heavily sanitized version of events. Does anyone really think there would be an honest & open account of his relationship with Lori Maddox, for instance?
  11. Gutted! I'm not afraid to admit here that I really like Abba's singles - quality, cleverly constucted pop for the most part. Nothing wrong with that!
  12. Bad Company - classic band. Paul Rodgers - fabulous singer. Paul Rodgers' hairpiece - WTF!?!
  13. There is some excellent (fairly recent) footage on YouTube of Gene arriving at a Tv studio to do an interview, and there are what are obviously KISS diehards outside waiting to meet him. He refuses to sign anything for any of them, pretends they don't exist and then when one of the fans takes issue with this, Gene accuses him of being an Ebayer seller. Nice guy...NOT!
  14. Could you not just employ the discs as functional drinks coasters?
  15. I could be wrong, but I think that there was a CD called "After the Crash" which came out a few years, and included the Live Aid stuff. I think it had other things included too, but you could try searching Zeppelin Art for that instead, under comilations/reunions, etc. Hope this helps!
  16. Who knows what the tape-hoarders are sat on. I've never heard anything about any of the 71 club dates, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there somewhere...
  17. Very sad news. Nice guy, great guitar player. RIP, Mel.
  18. Excellent - thanks for posting Knebby!
  19. I read Tim's comments on CMR with great interest. I make no secret of the fact that I like to collect silver CDs, although recently my eyes have been opened to the opportunties provided by torrents, and those (like Tim) who work hard to get them out there. I applaud his efforts. In this case I think it was merely his badly-worded response on CMR which has been the cause of much derision. Clearly the show was not "His" - he was not the taper, although he did remaster it and put it out to the trading community. Unfortunately the fact that Scorpio picked up on the tape & pressed
  20. As much as they have (periodically) entertained me, KISS are the Village People of Heavy Metal. I bet they wish they had written even one song halfway as good as Stairway...
  21. What makes you think there is that much stuff sitting in the archives? I would suggest that there are comparitively few recordings to choose from, and I don't think we'll see any more archival releases any time soon. So it looks like you're stuck with the vinyl reissues of Mothership & TSRTS for now.
  22. I suspect you're right, in that nothing official will ever surface from 77 (if any such recordings are in existence). Erratic performances and Page's high quality control would put paid to that!
  23. That's it - thanks for assisting my addled old memory!
  24. Incidentally, wasn't there supposed to have been some sort of loose Page/Martin collaboration at some point, even if it was a loose studio jam? I'm sure I read that somewhere, unless it was some sort of weird Zepcentric dream I had!
  25. Yes, as stated earlier it did gain an official release some years back. I seem to recall that Bowie (or whoever was representing him at the time) had it withdrawn fairly quickly.
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