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I saw TCV at the Fillmore Detroit in October '09, it was a very hard rockin' show. Very tight band, tuned in to each other, and I thought the rhythms and grooves were very "slithery", for lack of a better word. Great show.

Hiya Mattmc...good to see you back and posting !

Saw them in Seattle Nov of last year and was blown away by just how heavy JPJ actually was. As much as I like them, that band as a live act, is nothing without him

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This interview from the Australian leg of the tour hasn't been posted to this thread yet. I laughed so hard my sides are hurting.


Video Hits' Dylan Lewis & Faustina Agolley interviews Them Crooked Vultures (Dave Grohl, Josh Homme & John Paul Jones).

Recorded 27.01.2010 in Sydney, Australia

Thanks Steve. The whole interview was hilarious. Great how they didn't take the interview so seriously like other artists too. They had a great time with it.

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Not sure where to ask this, but there was a video here somewhere a while ago about Jonesy discussing an opera he's writing based on one of Isabel Allende's short stories. Thought about it recently and was wondering if I'd missed any news, updates about how things are progressing, etc? Thanks very much.

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