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VH1 Classics to air show Live

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If you actually believe this without this guy posting any valid source or links, then you're crazy. <_<:blink:

Oh, do me a favour! Sorry, you misinterpreted... The smile and thumbs up was to do with the previous post... I agreed with the bullshit perspective. My fault for not quoting...

Minx x

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The check is in the mail.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

I promise not to **** in your mouth.

Any other lies I should add to this?

I only had one beer

I'm not on drugs

I promise I'll pull out

I'll call you

It's your baby.

She's just a friend.

It's not what it looks like, I swear.

There is no Mafia

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For the umpteenth time. Wrong.

Uh, I was just watching VH1 Classic. The commercial came on. It was clearly spoken that it is NOT the O2 show but rather the stuff from the DVD that also is in the On Demand section of my cable provider (via Ziddio). Then they will show TSRTS following.

Frankly, if you think VH1 Classic would EVER get this show, you're a complete fool. Or perhaps you slept through the Pink Floyd reunion that was on MTV. MTV Networks most certainly would not bury it on a digital cable-only service for free, and Zeppelin most certainly certainly would not agree to such an arrangement.

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