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Live like you were dyin


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Recently I thought about what it would be like if I only had 24 hours to live. I thought about all the things that I would do. I was wondering if anyone out there had any good ideas. This is going to take place sometime this weekend. If your idea is good I will probably include it. If it is a waste of time then fuck off, cause I cant fly to the caribbean with a model in the near future. Here is a shortened list of the things I am going to do:

The List:

wake up at 8

go for a run

say the rosary

tell the girl i liked in highschool that i liked her.

schedule tatoo??? (i know i cant actually get the tatoo on the day of so bear with me)

watch a browns game

play halo beat a 50/drink large quantities of mountain dew

call friends/realatives that i cant visit

ride my bike. i race bikes

barber shop shave. like they do in mafia movies

eat at robins pizza kitchen, a little shop that makes the best wings in the world.

watch top gear

end the day with a bon fire with my friends and relatives

come up with a memorable quote.

Again, if you have any good ideas, please share, or just create your own "live like you are dying day."

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Living each day as if it's your last can bring that day a little closer than most of us would like. More important to be content with ourselves and realize that we can make a difference to those around us

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Okay, I don't think this thread is really going where intended.

Here's some upbeat things I'd do.

Eat lots of pizza.

Write a letter to each of my children and husband to be opened after I die.

Leave last minute instructions (written) regarding my burial, songs I want played, singers at my funeral, headstone quote, clothing,etc.

Seriously, listen to Led Zeppelin all day.

Have some "close" time with my husband. :rolleyes:

Get my motorcycle out one last time, make hubby ride b*#&h. :P

That's all I can think of right now.

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First I'd go see a girl I know... in order to do so nasty things with her!

I'd go see my family, my friends...

I'd Listen one more time Electric Ladyland and Zuma and On The Beach and Dark Side of The Moon and LZ III and some Zappa...

Play guitar.

Smoke one last reefer while listening to Bach's Little Fugue in G minor.

Ask everybody I know to gather around my dying body, waiting for my last breath.

In My Time of Dying would be playing, then Mozart's Requiem.

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go to Washington, misread the Constitution and promptly piss on it, since it seems everyone there likes doing both so much.

body surf the Wedge.

sponge the shorebreak at Waimea.

surf J-Bay with the old man.

free dive with a 20ft white shark off South Africa after watching Jaws one last time.

shake Spielberg's hand. Convice him to go back to using his imagination, not CGI special effects....AND put the original cut of Jaws back in stores!

drink a vat of rum and smoke an ounce of headies to the teeth.

make love to my woman.

Upon entering the pearly gates, I'm handed a cocktail by St. Peter to which I sit at a table with Paul Newman and Steve McQueen and the 3 of us debate who the real "King of Cool" is.

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If I only had 24 hours:

Watch the sunrise and sunset :coffee:

Spend most of the day with my son and my dogs

Call my 5 closest friends

Call the one that I let get away

Listen to Led Zeppelin and Elvis all day :stereo:

At hour 21- take three quaaludes :peace:

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