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Jay Leno's show cancelled


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We love Jay Leno and are sad to see him go. But I guess we are also 'old' and don't really care for contemporary comedy which always mostly uses vulgarity and outright stupidness to get laughs. Carson didn't have to resort to any of that and he was the king. We never cared for Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, etc. To hell with 'em all.

So long Jay.

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Not really a Jay Leno fan, but it's kind of sad to see him go.

I'm sure Howard Stern is loving it. He's been shitting on Leno since he "stole" Stuttering John.

The Tonight Show name should have been retired when Johnny Carson retired.

Out of all of them, I like Conan O'Brien best (but much more when he was on at 12:30), then Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

Letterman was also much better at 12:30 than he is now. He was cutting edge..

Jimmy Kimmel has had by far the best music acts and presentation of them.

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Hmmm... Jay sure told a lot of Obama jokes, I wonder if that had any effect on (MS)NBC's decision.

I would say yes. Letterman is a suck up.

Oh puhhh-lease fellas...it's a strictly numbers decision. MSNBC is a tick on the back of NBC. The Tonight Show is a cash cow for NBC that generates probably more money than all the MSNBC shows combined. Nobody gives a rat's ass about Obama jokes, as long as the numbers are up.

Hell, making jokes about the President is part of the job when you're a late night talk show host...it doesn't matter who is President: Johnson, Nixon, Clinton or Obama.

Whether NBC is making a mistake or not in switching to Fallon, time will tell. But I can guarantee you it has nothing to do with Obama jokes.

Frankly, all this sob story business over poor Leno being mistreated by NBC has me laughing. Karma is a bitch...what goes around comes around. So don't ask me to feel sorry for Jay Leno when it was he that was the cause of Johnny Carson being squeezed into early retirement.

Somewhere Johnny Carson is having a good laugh over Leno getting hoisted by his own petard.

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To sum this up quickly, I will miss Jay. He was far better than that jackass Letterman. Letterman is fucking joke. Never liked him one bit. Leno was far better at what he did

I so agree about Letterman.The business part aside, Leno was/is funny, comedic snobs be damned.

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Good riddance.

He took a beloved institution and neutered it into bland irrelevance. He leaves absolutely zero cultural footprints behind.

What is weird is that he used to be a moderately funny stand-up comedian back in the 80s. His "What's Your Beef?" segments on Late Show with David Letterman were funnier than anything he did as Tonight Show host. Maybe now that he doesn't have to be a talk show host anymore, he can go back to being a comedian.

Frankly Letterman is nowhere near as funny as he used to be at 12:30 either, there's something about that "hallowed" 11:30 time slot that makes these guys play it safe. I hope Fallon doesn't change his shtick too much once he takes over. I suspect he won't.

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