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Hot Pics of John Baldwin

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Aww! He's so adorable. :)

Yes, he is. But, Heartbreaker_Girl, I believe you'll agree with me that Jimmy is still the cutest member...


....but it's pretty hard to officially decide. :rolleyes:


Stuffed in the corner, as usual...not fair! :beat:


Young Jonesey! ^_^




Hawaii '71! B)



P.S., if someone could find more shots of JPJ with Jimmy, could you please add them to this thread? I know most duo shots are either of Jimmy with Robert or JPJ with Bonham, but I know there are more JP/JPJ pics out there somewhere. Thanks!

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Good morning, everybody! :coffee:


I dig the suede vest, JPJ! :hippy:


Jimmy and Jonesey, my two fav members...:wub:




There's that sweet smile again! :beat:

Before I go, could someone find me a link to a website with a lot of JPJ pics, so I could post them here? Thanks!



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I think that John Paul is cute, it's a shame that Pagey is so damn hot ;)

Anywho thought I'd post some for a change.

Poor Jonsey. He is cute --- but Jimmy is rather distracting, isn't he. ;)



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He is chic and dandy.I had read an article somewhere that 'when objectively looking, nowadays he is the best looking of the survival members of Zepp'. I second that. :D

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