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Euro 2012 Some good matches this week

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England plays France today, on television here I am quite sure. Many other good games. Perhaps some of you soccer fans would wish to comment? Spain, Italy, Germany are all playing. I saw a bit of Ireland yesterday, they got whacked pretty good. I will cheer for England to beat France today. Germany vs the Netherlands should be a good one.

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France's amazing upfront will smash right through England. Rooney was their best chance of a few good strikes, Welbeck is only up because he sometimes gets very very lucky.

Prediction 3-1 to France.

That's a brave prediction Stairway. Who exactly is going to score for England?

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Worringly England score from a set peice and the scorer is a defender. Although we have played marginally better than usual, still not convinced that we'll get a result.

Dont worrry chap. We will get one. Yikes, save made as I type.

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Hey Rick, Russia will smash Poland. Put your house on it. Go on.

Are you for real on this or just breaking my balls? France did actually carry the play to England I must say. they had the ball far longer. But I am happy I escaped with a draw. Do me a favor and change that damn Avatar will ya?

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