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There used to be a thread on the old forum that I started as a place to post some of my old collection of "vintage" articles and pictures - I don't think we managed to import it to the new forum when it began in 2007, so I'm starting it up again as I have my scanner up and working.

PLEASE feel free to add to it - this is NOT my personal thread!

I'll begin with this rather bedraggled front page of the NME which seems to be from 1975. There'll be more to come but please be patient as it is a bit time-consuming :)


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Thanks guys - and for the contributions too.

Joe do you have a scanner? I am taking my items and scanning them in one by one and then uploading them to a picture hosting site - I'm using a free one at Photobucket, it is easy to use, I explained to Zish how to do it and can do the same for you if you like? Then you simply take the IMG link for each item and post it here. It is very time consuming which is why this is happening slowly.

OR you could do what it looks like Uncle Salty has done and photograph your items, then upload them to somewhere like Photobucket. Let me know if you need help.

More will come soon :)

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