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I like them both for different reasons.

Years before the movies came out I enjoyed reading them and creating that world's imagery in my head as the words flowed.

Tolkien was very fastidious with his attention to detail and part of the adventure was learning the history of Middle Earth etcetera as the story progressed, referencing and cross-referencing the indices and so on.

When the movies were finally released, I, as I'm sure others knew, it would probablybe an adaptation of the book(s) as that is the way with Hollywood they employ artistic licence to the fullest and that's a good thing.

I loved the movies especially on the monster screens I saw them on, the cinematography of the locations took what I could only imagine and brought them to life, larger than life. One sequence that blew me away was in ROTK when the beacons were lit.

Who knew Middle Earth was located next door?

My only "complaint" is there could've been a scene or two with Tom Bombadil and the dream sequence.

Now when I read them the characters in the book have identities that have been implanted thanks to the movies.

In 1978 Ralph Bakshi released an animated / live action version which was an influence on Jackson that featured the voices of John Hurt and Anthony Daniels among others.

It was good for the time but extremely difficult to fit all 3 books into a 132 minute cartoon (and unfortunately let itself down because of it), let alone 3 individual films that were released as cinema cuts and extended director's versions.


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Books...read them after the first movie came out and I think that really enhanced the books for me, being able to see alot of the characters in my head. None of the movies since the first one has been as strong, imo. Would've love for them to show the "Scouring of the Shire" in the movie, but that would've made it another hour.

I don't think first Hobbit movie was horrible, but they've already had to change/add quite a bit to stretch it to 3 movies.

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