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Which would you prefer...


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If you had a choice of watching ESPN's SportsCenter or the History Channel all day, which would you choose/prefer?

I would, could and have watched the History Channel for hours and hours straight. I am a big fan of History (American and World) and Knowledge. Learning, reading and watching about History that interests me is one of the things that I Love. I am especially interested in (in no specific order):

Led Zeppelin

The Third Reich/WWII

The Mafia



Serial Killers (among many, many more topics/subjects)...

To me, History is of more importance and relevance compared to this or that days sports scores and highlights. (Even if MY Beloved Saint Louis Cardinals had won this years World Series, I still would not have tuned into SportsCenter to see the highlights).

Anyone care to answer and elaborate...?

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I'd take the History Channel as well. If video killed the radio star, television killed the sports star by removing all imagination from fandom.

You won't find any close angle camera shots of Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle in the batter's box but nowadays they'll literally go right up the nose of each hitter on every other pitch. The Sports Center takes what was a two to three hour competitive sporting event and wrings all of the suspense out of it by showing just what they deem to be the essential highlights. I understand the premise, but after awhile one sees it for what it is, a sanitized recap of the day in sports.

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History Channel....... the most thought-provoking stop on the dial. ESPN is obsolete, left standing stagnant in the shadow of all the individual sport's networks. NHL, MLB, NFL all do a far better job with their own coverage. Now that NBC, FOX and CBS have their own sports channels, ESPN has become as relevant as an old Sports Illustrated issue collecting dust on a waiting room end table.

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