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Which professionally recorded and released songs reference 'Jimmy Page' by name. Not innuendo or vague reference.


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19 hours ago, 3DayBender said:

Big Love - Robert Plant -Manic Nirvana

Er... nope.
But he did appear on and get credited for 'Tall Cool One' and 'Heaven Knows' on Now And Zen.

Also credited on: Honeydrippers Vol.1 ('Sea of Love' and 'I Got A Thrill'); Roy Harper's 'Whatever Happened to Jugula'; Puff Daddy's 'Come With Me', amongst others.


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Wait here....your'e referring to "Jimmy Page" in a song lyric, not himself PLAYING on someone else's released material ??

This may be a task for Steve A. , as there may be quite a few semi-famous or obscure bands, even not in Rock'n'Roll 

who have mentioned his name. Could be interesting.

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