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Little MattMc's First Christmas!


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Many of you from the old board remember when he was born on Sept 28, well he's a BIG BOY now! The doctor said he's off the charts in height and weight for his age, just a big guy all around. Anyway, here are some pics from the holidays...


Dressed up in a suave little outfit!


Here he is with his mom at a Christmas party...


I bought him an old-school little red wagon, just like daddy used to have, and put some of his presents in it...


And here is his favorite present, a Baby Einstein playset that he lays under and can interact with...


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He's sooo cute. He looks a little Irish, is there some Irish in the family tree? (Scottish maybe?, I get them confused, sorry.) I love the sweater.

My wife is Italian, and I'm Scottish/Irish. Looking at my wife's baby pics, he actually looks just like her when she was a baby...

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He's adorable. He looks just like a doll.


Man, this is the best thing we ever could have bought him. He's been laying under this for LONG stretches playing with it. It's helping his motor skills, he's reaching and grabbing at things and is just mesmerized by it...


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I know! If they made a big 6-foot red wagon, I'd love it!

hey mattmc1973 is that the year you were born in cuz thats the year i was born in and i to have a "little man" hes 4 months on the 20th i'll try to post some pictures but im not very computer savy, but my wife is. buy the way hes beatiful. mine to is quiet the handful the other day my 5 year old got him to laugh not just smile but laugh it just melts your heart doesnt it

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