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Little MattMc's First Christmas!

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hey mattmc1973 is that the year you were born in cuz thats the year i was born in and i to have a "little man" hes 4 months on the 20th i'll try to post some pictures but im not very computer savy, but my wife is. buy the way hes beatiful. mine to is quiet the handful the other day my 5 year old got him to laugh not just smile but laugh it just melts your heart doesnt it

hey Steve,

Yep, I'm 34 and our little guy was born on Sept 28, so he's just over 3 months old. And yeah, it melts your heart when he smiles, and he's been laughing for a while now. Definitely post some pics of yours!

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Damn that kid looks like a bundle of fun for you guys. Such an adorable little mug! ;)

So did you get him the Rockabye Baby Zep CD yet?? Got it for a friend of mine in the D for her baby girl (along with the Floyd one) and I'm curious if it does the trick at night!

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What a gorgeous boy. You're so lucky, Matt. :D

So, I was thinking... Little Matt's a big boy, and he's working on his motor skills, so... what do you think? Think he'll be playing for the Tigers by the 2025/06 season? ;)

That'd be pretty awesome! I'll be taking him to games this summer, I saw plenty of babies at games last summer, so should be OK...


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