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Detroit 7.13.73 new aud tape


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1973 is my favorite year so this is a welcome addition. Thanks to 315 for putting the link up on his YT channel. . After the going through the show it seems like the crowd is kinda out of it. . the boys are in good shape with Bonzo having a great night.. 


On 10/23/2020 at 9:35 PM, ZepHead315 said:

I'm surprised at how little attention this has gotten here so far.

It kills me that these shows just keep coming out of nowhere. . Is this something EVSD had and put it out and ended up online?

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1 hour ago, ZepHead315 said:

Nope. It came directly from the taper himself. Took EVSD mere days to put on silvers so their greedy asses can rake in the dough.

...and 2 other labels as well. Incredible....download and press...that'll be $80 please. 

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I have been giving this new Detroit audience tape a listen on and off for the past several weeks now.

Without going into nitpicking length, I will just say that I find it an above average 1973 U.S. show. Better than most of the May shows, but for whatever reason the Chicago and Detroit concerts never lift off into that special realm that the LA Forum and the Seattle-Boston-Providence-Baltimore-Pittsburgh-New York run had.

"Dazed and Confused" gets a little sloppy and disjointed during the long solo part, but it does have one of my favorite bow segments I have ever heard. A real nice horror-movie vibe. Bonham mistimes his entry on "Dancing Days".

A big plus is that the audience is enthusiastic and boisterous.

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Completely disagree, I think this new show is fantastic, at least as good as the previous night (which I've always regarded as all-time great).  I think these two Detroit shows are an amazing back-to-back run.  FWIW I've always found the LA shows (and SF) from May to be overrated. 

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