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Brings back memories, My very first rock star that I saw live, she opened up for Alice Cooper "Welcome to my Nightmare tour" along with Johnny Winter 1974 City Park Stadium in New Orleans. Great show! :beer:

Welcome to my Nightmare. Lucky guy.

I saw Alice a few years later on his Lace and Whisky tour.I think the Runaways opened

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Susie has rock-n-roll spunk,she was born 1950, I think Joan Jett was born 1958 ? Either way I think they both released thier first major lable lp in 1975. They both have thier place in Rock.

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Also I `ll add Chrissy Hyndes -born 1951 --also was on the Rock scene 1975--? I think there may be more to add to list --these came to mind at the moment.

Oh there are LOADS more for your list.....but Suzi started it all way back when women in rock were looked at as sluts!!! :) :)



R'n'r is also this............:)



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April 26, 2012 at 1:42 pm

2 Quatros, bandmates to reunite, play Friday

  • By Susan Whitall
  • Detroit News Music Writer
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Band alums Diane Simmons, left, Suzi Quatro, Patti Quatro Ericson, Pam Benford, Mary Lou Ball, Nancy Rogers and Nancy Quatro Glass in 2010. (Ricardo Thomas / The Detroit News)

There will be one less Quatro sister on the Fillmore stage Friday at the 21st Detroit Music Awards, but the Pleasure Seekers/Cradle reunion is still on with sisters Patti Quatro Ericson and Nancy Quatro Glass traveling from Texas to accept a Distinguished Achievement Award for their pioneering 1960s and '70s all-female groups.

Sister Suzi Quatro, who fell down an airplane stairway in the Ukraine a few weeks ago, breaking her wrist and kneecap, has taped a video acceptance speech that will be shown.

The Quatros will still perform, and have gathered as many former bandmates they could find. Christa Hillhouse, the bass player for 4 Non Blondes, will fill in on bass for Suzi.

"I hate letting people down," said Suzi by phone from her home in England. "I had to cancel everything and it goes against every bone in my body." She vows to make it next year, when she'll be honored for her solo work.

The reunion of one of the first and most important all-female rock groups nationally, not just in Detroit, was something DMA producers had wanted to do for some time.

"They tried last year but it didn't work out. They tried to get it together so dang late and Suzi was already booked," says lead guitarist Ericson, who lives in Texas. "This year they got on it earlier."

Beatles show cinches it

"We've been definitely getting good reactions from women, there's a lot of female musicians in Detroit," Ericson says. "They think it's cool that they're finally getting around to the women."

Ericson was inspired to start a band after seeing the Beatles perform at Olympia Stadium in 1964. Her father Art Quatro was staff organist for Red Wings games at the venue.

"I was already in music because of my family. I had been playing guitar, taking folk guitar lessons," she says. (Brother Michael was a piano prodigy who appeared as a child on the Ed Sullivan show). The Beatles concert cinched it. "I was in a trance looking around at everybody crying and screaming. I went home that night and said, 'We're starting a girl band, this is it.' "

The Pleasure Seekers, which included Suzi on bass from the beginning in 1964, were active on the Detroit teen center and club scene.

Ericson and sister Nancy, who sang in the sisters' '70s hard rock group Cradle, have tried to find as many of their bandmates as possible.

Darline "Thumper" Arnone, who played drums for the Pleasure Seekers from 1966-68, and Nancy Rogers who was on drums from 1968-69, will be part of the DMA reunion, giving the women an Allman Brothers-type double drum attack.

"It's going to be fun," says Ericson. "Lynne Serridge, the former bass player in Cradle, is also joining us. Lynne is quite known in the Detroit/Windsor country community for her group Lynne and the Rebels. She'll be doubling on rhythm guitar and keys. She's also a bass player, multitalented, and that's what we needed to pull this off."

'What an era'

When pop music started changing in the late '60s, segueing into psychedelia and hard rock, the Pleasure Seekers wound to a natural close. Cradle was born in the gritty rock ballrooms of Detroit — the Grande Ballroom and the Eastown, to name two.

Ericson waxes nostalgic about one memorable night at the Grande, a New Year's Eve gig with the MC5. "That's the one I enjoyed the most, with the MC5. What a blast. We taped that whole night and Cradle came out of that. What an era."

Ericson remembers after a show at the Eastown, having to stand up for women in rock. "We were gabbing with some people, and some guy said, 'Oh, you play good — for girls.' "

Ericson's response was instant, profane and to the point.

Pleasure Seekers and Cradle CDs have been selling well on CD Baby and iTunes, and fans will be flying in for the reunion from Australia and Europe. Would they consider re-forming either band for a tour?

"We've thought about it," Ericson says. "Suzi's so active right now (with gigs in Europe and Asia), that it's hard to put that together with her still touring. But it's in your mindset, it's fun to do a few one-off things."


From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitne...3#ixzz1tGHlmihY

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