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Please help!


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A friend of mine is doing a thing on Youtube called 4 oktavs wonders.

And to get Plant to join the very few we need some low notes from him.

The lowest we have now is a f#2 and its the "Love Me" version from the Southampton soundcheck 1973. But there has to be some lower notes on some bootleg??

Maybe from 1975 when his voice was very restrain or in later solo shows when the tune in his voice had gone down. Any information and tips is very welcome.

High notes also but we have som amazing high notes like B5,C6 and even a short C#6 from New York 1972 in Dazed And Confused.

A really strong wailing and sustaining note is also much welcome.

Please help me on this topic!!!

I think there is 14 members right now in 4 oktav wonders

Rob Halford,David Coverdale,Geoff Tate,Chris Cornell are among those and no one has as high notes as Robert Plant. Not even the great screamer Rob Halford.

But they have lower notes. We need some E2 or lower.

Here is a link to Roberts highest and lowest notes so far. A great B5 from 1/4-1973 and a super high C#6 from 15/6-1972 is not included.


I'm pretty sure Robert can do lower...... <_<

Cheers Mikael B)

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I think that the Love Me note is the lowest Plant ever sang in concert. The man's a tenor, and unless there are any Johnny Cash covers lying out there I doubt he ever bothered to attempt lower. Out of interest, what songs are those notes from 1/4/73 and 15/6/72 from?

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from this recording (pre-zep) Robert Plant and Alexis Korner - Operator


i think the note at 3:45 of that video is a G6 which is pretty damn high. but maybe it's G5. i can't tell.

the lowest thing i can think of is Blueberry Hill. the interesting thing about that one is that he sings so low for so long. when i first heard it i was like, huh? this is not robert plant. but then suddenly he jumps up 2 octaves and DAMN that's Robert Plant!!!

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^ :D ,interesting thread this,where does Roger Daltrey's blistering scream from 'Won't get fooled again' rate ?

Very high in my book!

I seen him "do it" in '99 at the Ultimate Rock Symphony Sydney, still had it then.

Awesome show that one.

Roger Daltry

Paul Rodgers

Alice Cooper (he did School's Out and Another Brick In The Wall)

Gerry Humphries - Procal Harum

Peter Frampton

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Don't I know you from somewhere?

Oh okay, I get it. :rolleyes:

Iron Maiden predated Led Zeppelin? :blink:

Before my time too! :o

^ :D Probably a poor choice of words,I always thought Iron Maiden were a bit of a giggle :o ,and yes we've met previously. B)
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I think Rogers scream in "Wont get fooled again" is an F#5 and it's a great one. :rolleyes:

It really seems that the "Love Me" is Roberts lowest.

I'm pretty sure he can do lower though. <_<

Listen to Robert on Hat's Off To Roy Harper on LZIII.

How low can he gooooo!?

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"What we have here is, a communication breakdown."

:lol: No. Okay, maybe not any trivia question. No, Roy Orbison is NOT one of the greatest artists of all time. It was just a humorous guess. Actually, I don't listen to Roy Orbison. I've only ever heard one song ("Pretty Woman"). And that was only because I was forced to sit through a grade B movie that had the song in it and shared it's title.

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