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Why Still Democrats and Republicans?


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I truly hope to spark a discussion with this.

After the last, like, 20 years or more, why the hell do we still vote in Democrats and Republicans? Am I the only one who thinks it's time for a new party?

I mean, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of political parties in the US, all mostly ignored because of the Dems and Repubs, and some, at least, with much better ideas, platforms, etc for this country.

Here's a link that lists all the main political parties:


I'm sorry, but, to me, both of the major parties we have now are corrupt. Every single Democratic and Republican politician lies, and they are in politics for nothing more then power, power, power. They don't really care about us and either way, we lose more rights then we gain. It's just nice and everything to be a Senator,a Representative, or, better yet, the President. Nice titles, lots of power.

But what about us? What about our needs?

I don't want guns banned. Controls to keep them out of the hands of the unstable, yes, but banning will only hurt the victims.

The War on Drugs needs to end... completely... and now. Just legalize 'em for God's sake. They're forbidden fruits. So the problem is that they are illegal. Iraq is just stupid and should of never happened.

Women should have a choice on abortion.

The Death Penalty is a good thing for the most heinous of crimes (serial killing, rape, pedohpilia, or any combination of the three)... and you'll never convince me otherwise.

Obviously there are poor people who are NOT poor by choice, and need help. For them we should have limited agencies, programs, funds, and such to help them onto their feet and get them into a job and a car. But if you're poor by choice (like, because you're lazy), then sucks to be you.

As humans, we all have rights. I don't care if you're gay, straight, man, woman, child, black, white, Jewish, Christian, American, non-American (sorry... :blush: ), etc, etc, etc. You're a human, you have rights.

Censorship in any way, shape, or form is evil. Period. It infringes on our right to free speech, which was a right guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

And speaking of, the Constitution is NOT and NEVER WILL BE outdated. Neither is the Bill of Rights. Those rights were given to us, and the interpretation is literal and only literal. Get it? Got it? Good.

Hippies had it right ideally. That idealogy is the greatest ideaology in the history of man. Freedom, love, peace, happiness, and prosperity.

And yet to this day, we're still voting for Dems and Repubs, even though history has shown us that NEITHER care for the people. What is it about the Dems and the Repubs that bring us back, and when will the USA come to its senses and vote both the Dems and Repubs out for good?

I personally like the Independance Party. Also a fan of Libertarians (I think Ron Paul would make a brilliant President... he is actually a Libertarian, not a Republican... he just ran as a repub to try and reach more people, because if he ran as a Libertarian, he wouldn't have even been at the debates he was at... we would have never even heard of him). The Moderate Party seems cool, too.

Also, for the heck of it, here's a really short quiz to see if you are a Libertarian:


It is rather biased towards the Libertarian Party, but it is interesting nonetheless.

I hope to spark a discussion on third parties and such. Maybe you gun-hoe dems and gun-hoe Repubs can try and convince me why, somehow, despite everything, the Dems and Repubs are still the best parties we've got, although I warn you... chances are you'll fail at convincing me. I hate both parties... a lot.

I think it's high-time we ousted the Dems and Repubs and tried our luck with a new party or two. Anyone else?

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There will never be a viable third party in this country. Remember the Whigs? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

BTW, don't ask people to try and convince you of something and then turn around and tell them they won't be able to. No one is going to bother because that's like telling someone to open a door and then as they're trying, tell them it's nailed shut.

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I've read some libertarian stuff. It's pretty good. I could almost swing that way, sometimes. Haven't yet, though.

Yeah, I'm just about as libertarian as I am democrat. But thus far I've always gone for the dems.

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There will never be a viable third party in this country. Remember the Whigs? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

The Whigs were not a third party. They were a main party in their time. Not anymore, of course, as they evolved, I believe, into the Republican party (or maybe it was the Dems... I need to go back and check).

And second, I disagree that there will never be a viable third party. That's crap. The only non-viable parties in our country at this point are the Dems and the Repubs. We all know their true colors and yet we still vote 'em in because we think they're the best, when no one bothers to actually research the other parties.

There are tons of viable third parties: the Libertarians, the Moderates, and the Independants to name just a few.

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The reason a 3rd party can't exist in this country is because of our winner-take-all election practices... perhaps if we had a representative election process people would feel encouraged to vote for an alternative party.... pretty much nowadays, a vote cast for any party other than Dems and Reps is a vote wasted since not enough people vote to give a 3rd party a leg to stand on in US politics.

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