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Video from Americana Awards


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Awesome! That gives me goosebumps and gets me smiling...wish I had gotten to see that one! Very smooth and just the right amount of rockabilly too haha...

They sound great together-- doing that song.

Thank you for posting this one :)

It does have that Summertime feel too

Classic Plant moves-- gosh I feel all fangirl again haha!

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Sorry, I just don't like this type of music - it does absolutely nothing for me!

Just my opinion ... :bagoverhead: - please don't flame me!

Haha can't fault you for having an opinion ;)

There are many that do haha ;)

But it's always good to be open minded and to also have a good understanding of where music comes from and the different types and who knows later on down the road you just might pick it up and think "oh!"

I know I have done that a number of times and also kicked myself a few times I had the chance to check out a few bands and performers who were around at the time doing their thing but now have moved on...

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Ouch! No love for the rockabilly with a touch of country lemon twist to it haha...

That's okay I'm sure there are a few hillbillies that enjoy it very much ;)

But I still salute those who are about to rock with what ever type of music that gets them swingin' haha

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