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Coldplay To Split


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I saw that too :) What do you think?


They are touring here in March and that's four months away and if those were to be the last concerts, ever?

Now it seems that Robert is going to record a new album in January (and tour?) with Alison.

JP & JPJ could put out an album in a matter of weeks, they've done it before.

Maybe Chris has already jammed with the lads, like half of the singers in Europe & the US!?

Who knows?

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I can't imagine Chris being a replacement voice for Robert. I did hear a song tonight from a singer i have always loved and it hit me, he would be great to take over for Robert! I have expressed my opinion that nobody could take Robert's place, and in no way should any tour without him be called Led Zeppelin. However, if Jimmy wants to find a singer with the same type of voice that could do justice to Zep songs, since Lou Gramm probably no longer has the stamina due to his health, i think Billy Squier would be great! :) If he ever returns, i know kakdaddy would agree with me!

btw... i hope Chris doesn't split from Coldplay.

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Oh heck no. Does every out of work singer or horrid Plant imitator have to be speculated as RP's "replacement". You'd think with the gazillion threads here have determined that A) there won't be a "replacement for RP, whatever happens, if it happens will be a new thing. And that B) LZ ended in 1980 not 2008. I read through threads like these and wonder what the heck are people thinking, you'd think LZ disbanded last month ago not 28 years ago. I think the O2 show proved that even with all 3 of them plus Jason trying as hard as they can it's not the same thing and can never be again. IMO it wasn't even close.

But hey as long as we are throwing every name in the music biz out there I suggest Susan Tedeschi.

Disclaimer; this was meant to be somewhat facetious. But it really is getting weird will all the suspicion and crazy suggestions. I heard Garth Brooks is ready to get back out there, maybe he could "take the mic" from Robert as Chris Gaines.

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