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favourite concept album


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The Kinks - Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)

Concept: English suburban life.


Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt.1 & 2

Concept: Gothic, fantasy-oriented stories.


The Hellacopters - Head Off

Concept: Covering friends, labelmates, tour partners, and other contemporaries.


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mine is radio KAOS - roger waters

not many people like this album including roger himself

i just like the welshness of it - looming mountains and pit choirs

does anyone have a concept album they consider to be their favourite and what makes it so?


I prefer Roger's Pro's & con's album.

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A toss up between Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and War Of The Worlds.

In 2005 Rick Wakeman presented an almost* one man show.

He performed pieces from Henry VIII, Arthur and Journey in it's entirety (*Ashley Holt sang and narrated).


Last year Jeff Wayne performed War Of The Worlds with a holographic Richard Burton narrating, Justin Hayward, Richard Thompson on vocals and a fully functioning Martian robot "ship".


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*journey to the centre of the earth* must be pretty good if you rate it alongside WOTW

contrary to what some might say, i've never heard it, but your review has inspired me to order it

amazon here i come


You won't be disappointed, some amazing keyboards on this.

I've always wondered what it would be like if JPJ and RW played together!?


David Hemmings one of my favourite British actors is the narrator.

There is a Zep (well Yardbirds) connection as he starred in Blow Up.


I remember watching a "live" simulcast of the this concert on tv and fm radio in '74.

Dunno if it was ever released on DVD.

In '75 another simulcast of the Melbourne concert with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and his band.


Both were awesome.

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